So where oh where

Silence is golden, so I am told. When it comes to Cindy Anthony however it seems more likely to mean something else. What do you think is next? We all know she has issues with being dumped….


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  1. venicehippiechick
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 19:04:26

    Cindy Anthony is scheming behind the scenes, just waiting for her next opportunity to be a fraudulent scam.


  2. Kim
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 19:12:42

    She has to be very careful right now – she is being watched 😉


  3. venicehippiechick
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 22:11:45

    who the hell would want to live like that??


  4. diana
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 23:31:19

    I think Cindy will be laying low for a while too. With the latest mail scheme still fresh, Brad dumping her and making a fool of herself AGAIN on tv… she will probably hide out for a couple of weeks , but still………thinking…….thinking…..thinking………Her mind must never stop. I truly believe she thinks she will uncover something that all the detectives/bloggers/talking heads on NG, JVM have missed that will prove Caseys innocence. Then Casey will love her (in her mind) and be bff.


  5. knight owl
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 03:15:48

    Hi Kim and everyone, i think Cindy will keep that gum chomping trap closed until she finds a gullable Lawyer again and then when she does she will be sure to trapple over BC With her nontruths, mistruths stories as to what really went down as to why BC left them. George has probably heard her having a tantrum about it until he has probably gotten so sick of it he has found the guts to tell her to shut up like he did when they were leaving from giving the Morgan depos, so not having him to listen to her rant every minute perhaps she has taken pen to paper and wrote about it all to her jailbird snothead and we can read that letter too one day. lol


  6. knight owl
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 03:18:13

    Kim i hope zam is taken all this in when granny cindy comes to visit Lee and Mallory. If only that turtle could talk. lmho.


  7. Kim
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 10:56:47

    Hiya Diana & Knight!

    I really think being quiet will prove too much for Cindy. She could explode!!


  8. offthecuff
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 11:41:10

    Cindy does like to “tell” her side of any given conflict, so I imagine it is hard for her to remain quiet…at least in the media. But her friends and supporters are probably getting an earful of how misunderstood and victimized she is.

    I imagine she’s viciously scrawling all her contempt out in her new manuscripts we may or may not ever see. I wonder if George will write another piece to share on the air, a poem, a letter, or something.


  9. Kim
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 11:42:50

    We haven’t heard Cindy’s variation of living under a microscope yet – as verbose as she is it will no doubt be a 1000 page document


  10. knight owl
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 14:40:42

    Kim, and off the cuff, oh my gosh, you two are killing me here. Cindy’s version of living under a microscope, hahahahahahahaha.


  11. knight owl
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 14:45:30

    To Cindy Marie, if your reading here please do not copy cat George and his living under a microscope. It wouldn’t be true anyway as we already know where you live, ”under the shadow of your beloved daughter,”mother of the year”. LoL.


  12. knight owl
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 14:45:59



  13. Kim
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 15:39:54

    lol Knight and Louie

    Her version of course will elaborate more on how they are all victims, especially Casey


  14. venicehippiechick
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 15:48:26

    I think Cindy should enlist in the military….that’s perfect for her.


  15. Kim
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 16:47:18

    she’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too old



  16. offthecuff
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 16:52:01

    So, Kim, Cindy has let us know her strategy in supporting and liberating Casey…deny the murder, death, body, forensics at the crime scene, etc. But what are her plans between now and May? How will she continue to propel such foolishness as she ticks off the days on her calendar?


  17. Kim
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 17:29:37

    Good question, cuff….

    She no longer has an attorney to abuse, Casey is out of her reach, Lee is long gone – just leaves Georgie boy, doesn’t it


  18. Kim
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 17:36:04


  19. Kim
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 17:49:41

    I love this

    “Defense counsel has [succumbed] to the lure of the national spotlight and frequently expressed his opinion as to crucial aspects of this case,” Ashton wrote. Following nearly 30 years prosecuting some of the highest profile cases in the Ninth Judicial Circuit, Ashton wrote in one 2008 motion he “has never witnessed such a shameless attempt to sway public opinion.”


  20. Kim
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 19:29:03


  21. venicehippiechick
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 20:40:32


    Mr. Ashton is correct!! (BTW….I think he is SO handsome;)
    This is the most pitiful attempt to sway public opinion I HAVE EVER SEEN in a capital case. Baez is creating a very sad image of the American Justice System.


  22. knight owl
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 03:39:08

    Applause, Applause to Mr.Ashton. I Couldn’t agree more.


  23. knight owl
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 03:48:44

    Kim/Manfred , hugggggggggggggs from me and Louie. By the way kim i was reading at Sheaffer’s blog last nite and i had no idea according to blogger Ina your a Natzi. lmao. Boy that Ina is something else. A nut in it’s truest form. She loves to stir up a rucus if she can. She is notorious on that blog at doing so. I truly enjoyed your comeback on that one. Way to go friend.


  24. knight owl
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 03:49:30

    nite all. syl.


  25. Kim
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 08:33:55

    Thanks Knight – she has some real issues, doesn’t she


  26. jon
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 16:40:12

    Off The Cuff: what friends???????? what supporters??????? Does she actually have any? Doubt it.


  27. Kim
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 16:44:06

    Joy Wray?



  28. venicehippiechick
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 16:44:27

    Yep, Ina is an instigator all the way! Zuben and JB adore her!


  29. Kim
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 16:45:11

    Yo Hola, too

    Whateva – I can handle them


  30. venicehippiechick
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 17:39:19

    Jeff Ashton is sexy. Sorry. I just had to say that one more time!


  31. Kim
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 18:42:07

    lol venice

    I hear he smells good too 😉


  32. venicehippiechick
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 18:59:04

    mmmmmmmm…..thanks for that image Kim;)


  33. Kim
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 19:19:28




  34. mary in michigan
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 06:29:35

    You can bet ole Cindy is plotting something as we blog, that is a given!


  35. Kim
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 08:40:25

    Hiya Mary – I just wonder how long she can hold out


  36. venicehippiechick
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 12:37:10

    You know what is funny….

    the fact that Cindy knows how bad the perception of her is to the world, how deviant and scamming she can be, yet she doesn’t care and continues on with her fraudulent ways. It’s like a Capital Case w/the DP is not the topic here, involving her daughter. SICK, SICK, SICK family.


  37. Kim
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 12:39:57

    Knowing, not caring – continuing to do the same thing over and over with the same results



  38. venicehippiechick
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 13:00:13

    A jury will see ALL of her interviews, lies, etc….she is going to look like ONE HUGE MORON!


  39. Kim
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 13:03:14

    She will weep her crocodile tears and play her victim card as hard as she can


  40. venicehippiechick
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 13:47:05

    The jurors will see when Cindy tries to get edgy, and then has to bite her lip. Cindy drastically hurt Casey’s case.


  41. Kim
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 13:49:36

    we will all need xanax before this is over


  42. venicehippiechick
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 14:12:19

    I’m having a trial happy hour party….each day of trial. Kim and Carol are always welcome! Sierra is a GREAT bartender.


  43. jay
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 16:23:36

    HI Venicechippiechick: yeah, Cindy in the miitary. I can see her as a drill sargeant; although, she’d probably want to start as nothing lower than a five-star general.


  44. Kim
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 20:08:21

    Sounds perfect – what time does it start? As soon as Bozo opens his mouth?!!



  45. Kim
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 20:08:38

    sorry you were stuck, jay


  46. Kim
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 20:31:13


  47. Kim
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 20:33:34

    Don’t they have anything better to do? Like maybe depositions? Aren’t they due tomorrow?


  48. Kim
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 10:20:52

    one pair?

    and had to be in the news doing it


  49. Kim
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 10:21:28

    Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s grandmother, e-mailed Local 6 News on Tuesday saying she will give the shoes to the nonprofit group, which serves less-fortunate children.



  50. venicehippiechick
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 11:04:15

    I think somebody is using my screename in the blogs and saying horrible things, just like they are doing to Marinade Dave. If you ever read something, with my screename that DOES NOT sound like ME, will you please inform me? Thanks!!


  51. venicehippiechick
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 11:04:57

    also, it will NOT have my avatar.


  52. Kim
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 11:25:53

    of course!!!


  53. venicehippiechick
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 11:50:41

    Thank you!!


  54. Kim
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 12:25:35

    not a problem


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