Tomorrow is another day …

So it goes yet again, Casey will be back in court. The State of Fl wants some questions regarding funding explained.


In the documents, the defense spent thousands of tax money on talking to EquuSearch volunteers, many of whom they’ve apparently admitted behind the scenes that they didn’t need to talk to.Casey Anthony’s defense team claims to have found 150 new EquuSearch witnesses who searched the exact area where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found, months before that, and sent its private investigator, Jeremy Lyons, to talk to them.He billed taxpayers almost $8,000 in September and October. After all that tax money was spent, prosecutor Linda Drane Brudick told the judge the number of new possible witnesses was greatly exaggerated publicly by the defense.

None of this surprises me – how about you?

As an aside – I will be having a biopsy on Tuesday.


It’s almost Thanksgiving …



Time flies, doesn’t it.

Let’s see, won’t this be Felon Anthony’s third Holiday season behind bars? I wonder how her la Bella Vita is working out for her …


Happy Thanksgiving!!



I have seriously had enough! This BS has got to stop!!

[Protesters from a Kansas church who have gained attention through picketing at the funerals of fallen military servicemen are now turning their attention to protesting at the funerals of children to retaliate for their tires being slashed at a McAlester serviceman’s funeral last week. Members of Westboro Baptist Church in Tope…ka, Kansas will be in Burneyville in southern Oklahoma today. That’s where a funeral is being held for eight-year-old Jalen Wolfe, who died in an accident at the Love County Fairgrounds last week.]


Please remember to Vote!!

Nov. 2nd, 2010 should be an historic day!!