A bug guy

Seems likely this good Doctor will be trying to dispel the notion of coffin flies in the trunk or on the paper towels from the trunk.

Entomologist Tim Huntington is part of what Anthony’s defense team described as her “dream team” of experts.


snipped from WESH:

According to forensic reports, the presence of microscopic flies in Anthony’s trunk is important because the flies feed on decomposition. Reports indicated the insects were also found at the site where Caylee Anthony’s body was found in December.


The forensic report was dated Sept. 22, 2009. Inside the trunk and a trash bag from Anthony’s car, investigators recovered a large number of so-called coffin flies, which are gnats that feed on human decomposition.Forensic botanist Neal Haskell concluded that a large number of the insects found on paper towels inside a trash bag meant there was decompositional fluid on the towels.