“Deadlines mean deadlines, folks,”


Poor defense – they just never get their way …


The defense has for whatever reason decided that they will do discovery their way and that this court’s orders mean nothing to them,” said prosecutor Jeff Ashton.



“It is highly unlikely that they have no idea what the defense, what these expert witnesses, who have been retained at taxpayers expense, will be testifying too,” Judge Perry said.


Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez was just slapped for a “willful violation” of a court order to provide information from defense experts by a December deadline.




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  1. Venice
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 19:24:40

    Hi Kim,

    I think it’s sinking in for Baez, especially when JP tried to make Baez read between the lines. The taxpayers will sue.


  2. Kim
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 19:40:42

    Hiya Venice!!

    I could barely hear the thing but I sure could see his face! lol – he didn’t like that idea did he


  3. Venice
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 19:46:56

    God….I pray a plea is worked out right before trial. Maybe Baez sees that now?


  4. Kim
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 19:49:11

    He has to know he has nothing – he would be afraid if he was smart enough. Doesn’t the state have to offer them a plea deal? If they did they would accept nothing but the entire truth after all this time


  5. Venice
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 19:53:01

    I sure would hope so! The truth and NOTHING BUT.


  6. Kim
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 19:53:48

    It’s the only way I could see a plea happen …


  7. Kim
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 19:56:28

    I sincerely doubt Casey could or would tell the truth about this.


  8. Venice
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 19:58:32

    Hey Kim,

    Have you heard about those electronic cigarettes?


  9. Kim
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 20:37:40

    Yes, I have but I think it mimics the real thing too much to be off any help to me quitting.


  10. Kim
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 11:25:12


  11. Kim
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 11:25:59

    in essence, Perry said, a criminal case is much like a poker game in which all the cards held by the prosecution and defense get shown before play begins. “Everybody should know what everybody has in their hands,” Perry said.

    The problem is: Casey Anthony’s defense failed to share detailed information about the opinions of its expert witnesses, despite orders by Perry late last year specifying what should be provided to the prosecution. As a result, Perry found attorney Jose Baez was in “willful violation” of the court’s order to produce the discovery information.

    In punishing Baez, Perry said the discovery rules are in place to prevent “trial by ambush” or “trial by surprise.” Now, Baez will have to pay costs associated with the need to hold a hearing on the matter Monday. The amount was not specified.


  12. Kim
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 12:13:04

    “Why did he miss the deadline?” Judge Belvin Perry asked attorney Cheney Mason, referring to Casey’s attorney Jose Baez.

    At that point, Baez stood up to explain himself.

    “Did you ask for a request, an extension of time?” Judge Perry asked Baez.

    “No, I didn’t because I didn’t expect that it wouldn’t arrive on time,” Baez replied.



    Jan 04, 2011 @ 17:16:00

    well bozo sure dindnt look happy after all this but casey still had that smile on let see how happy she is in the end.and i wounder why c was there but g wasnt maybe he no his little girl is going down for what she did to this baby . LET THERE BE JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE


  14. Kim
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 18:53:56

    Hiya God’s!! Maybe George finally got a job – lol


  15. Kim
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 18:58:24


  16. Venice
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 21:07:57

    Joe Jordan now??? Geesh….why don’t they just close their eyes and pick a name from the phone book?


  17. Kim
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 22:18:16

    Hush Venice or we will be reading your subpoena!!



  18. Venice
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 22:36:40

    LOL!! Great advice Kim 🙂


  19. Venice
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 17:55:22

    Thank God we have a VETERAN Judge with this case! If it was Judge Ito, Caylee would have zero justice!


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