Here is an update to my update .. for those who want to know

I have an appointment with an oncologist tomorrow very eary and I will most likely get the appoint ment for the MRI tomorrow as well. I also got my first medical bills … maybe I need a tip jar 😉

(It’s a joke ya’ll)


I was at the doctor – yet again – today. This time it was the ophthalmologist. Good news is my eyes are healthy! Yay me! Not so good is they need to do an MRI – on top of the CT scan already done. I know it means a better out come – I am just tired of being poked and prodded at this point.
The surgery has been scheduled for Feb.18 so things will be busy from now until then.

They are confident they will get all of the cancer the first time but will be checking before they reconstruct my eye – just to be sure.