Argh! Dang Doctor!

What did I miss?!!


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  1. Laurali
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 16:22:35

    JP told George to be quiet! LOL Hope everything went well at the doctors.


  2. Kim
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 16:27:57

    I am so upset I missed it!!

    It went well, the last of the stitches were removes, painlessly for the most part, Thank God!

    I have to begin massaging all of the stitched areas and find a heavy duty SPF cream.

    Friday I see the eye doc – seems the eyeball is irritated


  3. Laurali
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 16:32:54

    I would imagine it would be. Close to all the “action.” BBL it is back on!


  4. Kim
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 16:43:42

    Thanks Laura!


  5. Sherry
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 16:50:04

    Live Chat


    You can backtrack on the chat to see what others have said this morning. Plus, there is live broadcast in the right hand corner.


  6. Sherry
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 16:56:41

    Media Player version of the live court


  7. Kim
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 17:27:15

    Multi tasking at its best!!

    I am hoping my eye improves as well – it is a bit creepy looking but I have a very clever patch to wear and hats are soon to be flowing in!!


  8. Venice
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 18:45:51

    This is the best comedy I have ever seen!! LOL!!!! BAEZ IS A 100% IDIOT! LOL!!!!!!!!!


  9. Kim
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 20:56:53


  10. Sherry
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 21:28:37

    The bathroom is almost done-have a door to put up and a few tiles to put down. Guess I’ll have to blast the TV again tomorrow! LOL

    I have to miss Lee in the a.m. because I have to get groceries but, luckily, there will be video highlights!


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