Shovel this Casey

Ahh yes …. the infamous bamboo shoot

“Casey told him she needed to dig up a bamboo root,” Fell said. He noted that neither Anthony nor the shovel was very dirty when she returned it. After the story broke, he wondered if there had been an “ulterior motive” to Casey’s asking for the shovel.


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  1. Kim
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 22:04:30


    Burner’s very personal take on the story: “all the turmoil everywhere, it just doesn’t seem right to us. .. It almost seems like there’s a bigger picture than what there is and no one knows the bigger picture.”


  2. Hilde
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 12:14:34

    No One really knows why Casey borrowed the Shovel, only Casey knows and I will bet it wasn’t to dig up a Bamboo Root. If that would have been the Case, Casey at least would have given it a try to dig the Root up, but she didn’t.
    My Thought about this borrowed Shovel is, Casey thought about burying Caylee somewhere in the Back Yard, maybe under Caylee’s Play House and then changed her Mind because she realized it would be too hard to dig a hole.
    She had to come up with a different Solution fast which like we all know she did.
    She dumped Caylee’s Body in the Woods very close to her Home and hoped she would never be found. 😦 JMO


  3. Kim
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 12:26:35

    or at least she planned to use it that way – until she saw the mess her baby had become


  4. Hilde
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 13:04:30

    Kim, I thought about that too, that is a Possibility.
    It is just so sad that we even have to talk about something so gruesome. To a normal Person with a conscience that just seems to be impossible to do. As we all know by now Casey seems not to have a conscience, therefore anything is possible when it comes to how and for what she used that Shovel that Day.
    One thing for sure, she didn’t make herself or the Shovel dirty. The Way I understand there was no Evidence of Dirt or any kind of DNA found on the Shovel that is the Reason why I am inclined to believe she changed her Mind about whatever she had planed to do with the Shovel. JMO


    • Kim
      Mar 21, 2011 @ 13:09:20

      I think she discovered her plan for the shovel just wouldn’t work. I highly doubt Casey is smart enough to have thought about DNA on the shovel.

      We know Cindy washed the smelly pants and it makes my soul shudder to think of how poor Caylee was man handled, by her own mother, from the trunk to the swamp


  5. MayFL
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 10:18:40

    Bamboo, this story has strange threads througout. Since we know that certain types of bamboo have certain toxic substances, and by Casey’s own admission she borrowed the shovel to dig up some bamboo she has placed the smoking gun in her own hands so to speak. Some bamboo contains cyan aide. Could she have been cooking up a simpler concoction in her web of treachery? They bought the car with the smell of death? Please, cynthia do not enable your troubled daughterbany more. Please get some help if she gets off she will come home and run your life. Best wishes


  6. MayFL
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 10:28:17

    Well she also could have used the shovel to wedge up some of the pavers that were under the playouse. Some of the pavers were found at the scene close to the remains, presumably to hold the bag down that may have been bloating by then. The same number of pavers that were missing from the playhouse ( I understand) She could just have wipe off a little dust from the pavers. No DNA and just a small amt of FL sand, that is ubiquitious. She was not going to exert any physical effort in this endeavor. The parents soon afterwards got rid of the pavers near where the dogs hit around the playhouse and then made a cement patio for the playhouse. co ink e dink again?


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