New witnesses?

Defense attorney Cheney Mason wants Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis, who handles homicide cases, added to the witness list.,0,3468691.story


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  1. Kim
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 17:12:05

    Mason’s motion said the defense team recently learned that Lewis may have testimony under Brady v. Maryland, which requires prosecutors to fully disclose to the defendant all exculpatory evidence in their possession.


  2. Kim
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 17:13:08


    The defense also wants to call Jeffrey Danziger, a well-known Central Florida psychiatrist who frequently testifies at criminal trials, as a witness.


  3. Kim
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 17:15:50


  4. Kim
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 18:33:33


  5. Kim
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 18:48:57


  6. Hilde
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 20:41:30

    I realize the Comment I am about to make is not very nice at the same time when I read about all the Wants the Defense has, I can’t help thinking of the old Phrase “People in Hell want Ice Water”.
    I guess I am just tired of the Defense constantly whining and wanting, really it seems to me they are just so desperate to establish reasonable Doubt they will put any one under the Bus as long as it isn’t their Client.
    This Trial will be nerve wrecking and irritating when it comes to listen to the Defense but I guess that is a small Price to pay for finally getting closer to get Justice for Caylee.
    The Defense filing another Motion in the last Minute, does that sound familiar?
    Well, we see what will happen with this latest Motion, I believe it will be denied, just saying…,


  7. Kim
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 17:02:43

    OK – I tried to reply to you last night, Hilde but WordPress was having issues


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