Yeah, why?

Why? Why does this case hold our attention like it does? Is it because Casey is just so darn captivating? Is it because Jose Baez’s smirk is just too engaging to look away from? Could it be the sweet dulcet tone of Cheney Mason’s mumble?

Could it be the array of characters involved? From the unaware friends all the way to the slime scraped from the bottom pretending to search for lost children and on to the people who do care about Justice for Caylee.

I may need a good therapist after this


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  1. Kim
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 11:14:33

    BTW – that picture is Casey’s reaction to seeing herself on a jail house tape when she pitched her hissy fit to C & G


  2. Kim
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 11:15:33

    Sheaffer called the defense “schizophrenic.” Sheaffer also noted that five witnesses had found human decomposition in the trunk.


    • Kim
      Jun 05, 2011 @ 11:16:28


      Analyst Mark NeJame said that Baez, through cross examination, opened the door and established for the prosecution that it was human decomposition in Anthony’s car trunk. “In cross examination, you know when to stop,” NeJame said. “You ask that one question, it will get you every time.”


  3. donchais
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 11:37:10

    Sheaffer called the defense “schizophrenic.”

    Best line of the week!


    • Kim
      Jun 05, 2011 @ 11:47:40

      Welcome donchais!!

      You were captured in moderation and I apologize for taking so long to release you!
      I was rescuing my TV remote from beneath my sectional sofa and I was encountering mounds of dust and dog hair along the way! I found enough to make another dog!!


  4. offthecuff
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 11:42:18

    Those most engrossed in this case, have been suctioned in from the beginning.

    Florida sunshine laws and the media have also made this case come more alive than other cases.

    And look at the case itself, as far as riveting, 31 days? Inconceivable, incredible lies from a lying liar. The family who backs her. Remarkable police work from receipts, store surveillance, cell phone pings (obsessive near constant texting,etc), to unheard of detective work (death bands, air samples) on the car. The immense amounts of photos of Caylee herself. The patience of LE and involvement with family. Nationally known (Tim Miller) search groups and cowboy entertainment. On and on.

    There were enough unanswerable questions to keep this case a mystery, while enough circumstantial evidence from Caylee left behind to create a dichotomy of interest. This case has been a mini-series of gigantic proportion.


    • Kim
      Jun 05, 2011 @ 11:49:35

      offthecuff, I love the way you summarize!

      The FL Sunshine laws have been instrumental, in my opinion. What other case besides OJ’s, have we had nearly complete access to all the information? It boggles my mind!


    • Sherry
      Jun 05, 2011 @ 12:35:19

      That sums it up for me quite nicely, offthecuff!


    • Hilde
      Jun 05, 2011 @ 15:32:28

      offthecuff, You said it very well!
      Those were all the Reasons I started to follow this Case and I will stay with it to the End when hopefully Justice will be served for Caylee Marie Anthony!


  5. Kim
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 13:20:23

    BILL SHEAFFER: Analysis Of Casey Murder Trial Day 21


  6. knight owl
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 16:33:18

    Hi Kim and everyone here, Speaking of a cowboy in the mix. What the heck is wrong with Leonard Padillia? He is saying Casey will get around ten years. Thinking back he was the dum dum that bailed casey out and thought she would tell him where Caylee was and he would go and get her and viola case solved. Casey will be lucky to escape with ther life and at best lwop. I wish NG and anyone else that has him on their show would leave him out period. He knows nothing, all are just theories and he is a dum dum and i for one do not want to hear his dumbness. He is extremely annoying as he acts like he is the lead detective, FBI rolled in to one and has all the answer’s .


  7. Kim
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 16:37:49

    Knight and Louie!!!

    Is he still around? His hubris is on par with Baez!! He has no shame ot credibility!


  8. Kim
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 16:40:36

    I will be out of pocket tomorrow until 7 pm central time – I know, I know but there is no getting out of it short of quitting my job.

    Anyone here who will be watching and has my cell number is highly encouraged to text me with any news!!

    please please please


  9. FU
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 17:22:00

    Kim, I work at home tomorrow I will text you if anything happens. I have unlimited text any way 🙂


  10. FU
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 19:34:26

    I know you do, and I love you TYTYTYTY!!!


  11. FU
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 20:40:46

    LOL you mean DFW.


  12. savannahsnanny
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 20:56:50

    Kim…I just have to share this…
    I WENT TO SAVANNAH’S RECITAL today….Chris and Jessica drove me and also attended…I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!

    the age group of the dancers were from 3-18…every time a toddler or pre-school girl came on, I could not stop from tearing up…I kept thinking of Caylee and all she missed out on. JA


  13. offthecuff
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 23:15:50

    question: After this trial, will that be it? Will people be satisfied? Will we be able to get on in our lives without switching to Florida news?

    Or will that depend on the outcome? Could this potentially go on and on and on?


  14. CptKD
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 12:21:51

    I just woke up late….
    I NEVER sleep in this late – NEVER!
    NOT even on weekends!

    Anyone know what’s been going on…
    I see Dr, Vass is on the stand….Hhhhmmmm


    • CptKD
      Jun 06, 2011 @ 12:23:12

      And it IS really only 1021hrs here in TORONTO!

      Not 1241 as the time displayed above indicates…
      Just FYI I WOULD NEVER sleep til NOON! LOL!


  15. savannahsnanny
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 18:08:30


    God Bless Dr. Vass, he is one cool person.
    This is so pathetic for the defense…wow I just keep shaking my head and yelling at my TV.


    Jun 06, 2011 @ 18:39:30

    kim you didnt miss nothing i really thought it was boreing day but did like him


    Jun 06, 2011 @ 18:42:37

    vass did stand his ground with bozo i really dont no how many sidebar but alot and upjection from bozo omg there was so many lol


  18. offthecuff
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 18:59:38

    Vass has such a sense of humor. Lost on Baez I’m afraid.

    Does he have a Justin Beiber hairstyle?


  19. Kim
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 22:15:47



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