A secret hideout

casey will soon be looking for a place to go to ‘recover’ from the horrors of jail. I found this one under a bridge – what do ya’ll think?


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    Jul 10, 2011 @ 16:31:41



  2. Kim
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 16:44:33


    It suits her, don’t you think? Has just the right touch of swamp chic



  3. Kim
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 16:45:50

    Defense attorney Cheney Mason told everyone how he felt about the Casey Anthony coverage.

    Then he gestured to show his disapproval. I think the gesture will probably last longer than his lecture about the media. Mason later told TMZ.com the middle-finger salute was for “a guy from a radio station who has been stalking my team for months.”



    • Kim
      Jul 10, 2011 @ 16:46:12


      NeJame’s response? “Geraldo has done as much research on me as he did on Al Capone’s vault.”


  4. knight owl
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:01:42

    Kim, this is hilarious but can we move it under the tree that got struck by lightening where Casey threw Caylee away? hahahhaha.


  5. knight owl
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:02:33

    Hi God’s Angel, great to see you.


  6. knight owl
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:03:03

    Kim, love nejamne.


  7. knight owl
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:06:27

    Kim, sorry to have left so abruptly on your blog ”What’s a mother to do”. My hubby was replacing a large flourescent bulb and dropped it on tile. Anyone that has a hubby knows they are like children and cannot clean up a thing by themselves or at least mine can’t. He was yelling get off the computer i need help.lmao. Then my sister called.


    • Kim
      Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:11:50



      then teeny tiny pieces every where!! I so understand! Roomy did it with a full glass of milk once! Three dogs trying to lick up unexpected treats of milk while I was waving them off and making roomy move and glass everywhere and dontcha know the door bell rang right then!!!

      Calgon take me away!!!!


  8. knight owl
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:07:34

    BBL. Dinner is calling.


  9. knight owl
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:13:36

    quickly here, dinner menu for her heiney snothead Casey.
    rack of cow plop
    steamed rodent pills
    bitterweed salad
    chitlin bread

    (NO DESSERT) she is watching her figure thinking she will playboy offers. hahhaha.


  10. Kim
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:14:09

    and GRITS~!!!


  11. knight owl
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:14:30

    Kim that sounds good. I slow cookded a roast and now i am really gone to eat but will come back tonite.


  12. knight owl
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:15:01

    Kim, yes grits, and cole slaw. she loves that now. hahha bbl.


  13. Hilde
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 18:15:34

    There is One Thing worth mentioning, it might be off Topic.
    On January 15, 2010 Casey Anthony was convicted for 7 Counts Check Fraud.
    The Judge at the time Judge Strickland ruled Time served.
    The Charges against Casey Anthony for lying to Law Enforcement brought a Sentence of 4 Years on Thursday July 07, 2011
    Judge Perry ruled on these Charges time served and after calculating good Behavior and Gain time it resulted in about 11 Days?
    The Problem is, the Time Frame is wrong!
    Did the State and the Judge overlook that!
    Time served to consider for sentencing should be from JANUARY 15, 2010 to July 07, 2011!
    This would amount to about 18 Month which could be used for time served.
    Did any one realize what happened here?
    Did Casey Anthony get lucky again by No One in Court bringing up those Dates?
    By Right Casey Anthony should serve more time on the last Charges. The Calculation was made in Error!


  14. Xenu
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 18:32:21

    Just found this article. It actually bothers me:


    Whether you agree with the verdict or not (and, as you all know, I do not agree with the verdict), I don’t think any juror deserves to live in fear of what basically amounts to a lynch mob. This is wrong.


    • Kim
      Jul 10, 2011 @ 18:49:09

      I am glad you came back


      • Xenu
        Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:26:58

        Thanks. 🙂

        I wasn’t going anywhere for good. Sometimes I just need to step away and take a break. I just get super-fatigued from the MS and have to take a break sometimes.

      • Kim
        Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:29:12

        I understand.

        It took me a few minutes after you told me you are 31 to connect the idea that you and my son are nearly the same age. He turned 30 on March 5th

        That makes me easily old enough to be your mother 😉

      • Xenu
        Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:32:53

        Oh, wow. That’s pretty cool that your son is around my age, Kim. 😀

        I was born in April, so he and I were even born around the same time of year.

        Glad to be here. 😉

      • Kim
        Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:35:53

        Yea – it is cool, Xenu

        He is a great guy – the best daddy I ever saw to his 2 babies, a fantastic husband

        I am very proud to be able to call him my son

        He did piss me off with the Marine Corps thing though

      • Xenu
        Jul 10, 2011 @ 22:36:10

        LOL — Why / how did he piss you off with the Marine Corps? Is he a Marine?

      • Kim
        Jul 11, 2011 @ 09:38:31

        He did it against my better judgement but I will say it was good for him and he met his wife while in

      • Xenu
        Jul 11, 2011 @ 10:26:12

        FWIW, I have a lot of respect for members of all armed forces. Glad your son came out OK.

      • Kim
        Jul 11, 2011 @ 10:55:10

        Thanks, Xenu – so am I!!

  15. Kim
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 18:35:18

    No one involved should be living in fear however – if the media storm orchestrated by Baez is blowing up in his face who is to blame other than Baez himself?


  16. Kim
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 18:42:38

    You reap what you sow


  17. Dawgbert
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 18:59:33

    I guess Greta got some emails:
    I just want to make sure this viewer (see the email from the viewer below) has the facts: we did NOT compensate the juror foreperson for his interview. He did NOT ask for anything and we did not offer him anything. We pushed him to do the interview since we figured that many Americans would like to hear from the foreperson. To give you an idea of how he felt about the interview, and his desire not to be famous, he would not let us show his face. The interview was shot over his shoulder.


  18. Kim
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:03:02

    infamous is the word at this point

    Thanks Dawg!!


  19. Dawgbert
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:07:17

    ……..and his desire not to be famous, he would not let us show his face.”
    What a bunch of BS. He is a coward who will not show his face. Looks
    like the boycotts may be working. Greta must have taken some heat
    to post that disclaimer. LOL


  20. Kim
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:09:05

    They know the public will be firmly against payment to interview


  21. Dawgbert
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:16:31


    • Xenu
      Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:28:18

      I posted that link above. I disagree with the way the jury is being treated, honestly. They’re getting death threats.


  22. Kim
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 19:31:51

    I agree – there has been far too much hatred and violence in this already. What does it serve?


  23. knight owl
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 21:01:29

    I don’t believe in violence to these juror’s and i do feel bad for juror #12 as she seems not to want to profit off this case unlike the some of the other ones. I cannot help but still say i do not believe they did their job. A baby was killed and how anyone could not see by whom is astounding to me. I am still angry.


  24. offthecuff
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 05:01:52

    I hope casey does disappear.


    • Kim
      Jul 11, 2011 @ 06:47:11

      I hope so too


    • offthecuff
      Jul 11, 2011 @ 12:16:52

      I don’t mean I wish Casey dead by vigilante…I mean that she goes somewhere in hiding, and maintains that hiding in some decent fashion with her new community around her. No paparazzi, no follow-up. Same with her folks.


    • Margaret
      Jul 11, 2011 @ 20:43:52

      Casey will be in trouble her whole life. Has she ever had DUI or drug charges? I suspect she was using drugs by her lifestyle and friends.


  25. Margaret
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 20:41:30

    I hope she doesn’t return to Ohio.

    By the way, off subject, but I was wondering if Casey was receiving any sort of public assistance for Caylee. She didn’t have a job, but could have used another person’s address in order to receive ADC checks, WIC, food stamps,etc. This would be a good explanation on how she was living (other than stealing from her friends and family) and why her parents believed she was working.


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