Live it up …

… because soon enough your girl will be all on her own and alone.


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  1. Kim
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 11:19:54

    Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, was living like a king in New York City as network reps jostle to sign him as a legal eagle to eventually score the big interview, the New York Post reported Sunday, citing sources.


    • Kim
      Jul 24, 2011 @ 11:20:33

      “He wants to be the next big talking head,” a source said. “They need him down the road to score an interview with Casey when she’s less radioactive.”


    • Sherry
      Jul 24, 2011 @ 12:03:51

      So the networks were dangling a legal analyst position in front of Baez

      Oh. So Baez is going to be the very thing Mason bristled about-a legal analyst who makes far off speculations on cases he knows nothing about. Indeed, the irony is rich.


    • Kitt
      Jul 26, 2011 @ 20:20:02

      A legal eagle, like those “guests” on shows like Nancy Grace and JVM? But if Baez snags a job like that, won’t he need Judge Perry hiding behind curtains or under the desk to whisper the right answers and commments to Mr. Baez?


      • Sherry
        Jul 26, 2011 @ 23:00:17

        ROTFLMBO! I’m trying to behave myself and not laugh at others’ misfortunes-in this case, Baez’ delusionary state- and then, BAM! Someone like Kitt comes along and has me busting my gut in laughter! Good one! 😆

      • Kim
        Jul 27, 2011 @ 07:20:12

        Well, Mason would be of no help to him, that’s for sure.

  2. Hilde
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 11:34:26

    that’s what a Remote Control is for, changing the Chanel if an Interview is shown with Casey Anthony! Not interested!


  3. Hilde
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 11:37:49

    BTW that also goes for the Rest of that unspeakable Gang, we All know who they are.
    Making Money of the Murder of an innocent Child is not acceptable any way You look at it. Shame on All of them!


  4. Kim
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 11:41:13

    I feel sorry for people who have allowed money to become all important in their life.


  5. knight owl
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 11:57:56

    Hi Kim/manfred and everyone here, we all know when money becomes the root of all evil the ones reaping it will be brought down at some point in time and we know who all of these money grubber’s are. I say they better enjoy it now as it is fleeting and all they will have left is nothing. Not even their souls as those were sold to get the tainted money. Louie says hi to you too.


    • Kim
      Jul 24, 2011 @ 12:06:48

      Hiya Knight and Louie!! I hope you are staying cool!!

      They will all find out – later than sooner – that the almighty dollar is nothing in the end


  6. knight owl
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 12:04:42

    i am totally impressed with Tim Miller and i love all the questions he has for Ms.IT. to answer in his lawsuit. All that searched with equasearch should sue Casey, George and Cindy. They were all out there in that heat while the fam was sitting in their air conditioned home knowing where Caylee was the whole time. Go Tim.


  7. knight owl
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 12:05:29

    Must go. I am pre-cooking dinner early as it is so hot here by afternoon. see you guys later. keep up the good fight.


  8. Dawgbert
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 14:32:55

    Hey Kim, I am sure c knows about Bozo wining and dining
    in New York to get himself a big deal. I bet she is so hot,
    that Bozo hung her out to dry, you could fry an egg on her
    her boney little forehead. I am sure she will revolt very soon.


  9. Dawgbert
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 14:39:28

    I think Big C would take back little c if she said Bozo
    made up opening statement and she had nothing to
    do with it. (Remember C believes all of c’s lies.) That way
    c could reap the rewards with C&G. JMHO


  10. Dawgbert
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 15:33:08

    How in the world could Matt Lauer employ Bozo? He justs
    wants interview with c. I can hear it now: ” Lets go to are
    legal eagle Jose Bozo……….”


  11. Dawgbert
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 16:11:59

    Since Baez is the Spanish Johnny Cochran of getting off murderers,
    why does’nt he fly to Norway and defend the guy who just killed
    92 people?


  12. Kim
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 16:18:22

    Great idea!!


  13. Lorain Flynn
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 18:59:13

    I agree with the person who compared Bozo Baez, Sims and Cheney to the three stooges Bozo is Moe, Curley and Simms is Larry. Bozo pokes Cheney in the eye and hits Simms over the head. I say that Bozo is a crafty con artist. With him its what trick can I play on this jury to bring over to my side. Cheney is a mean old senile man and Simms neets to really comb her hair. And for the record I commend Joy Behar for asking Simms would she let Casey watch her children or grandchildren it was priceless to see how caught off guard she was. She avoided that question at all costs. Hope you guys saw it. .


  14. Dawgbert
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 08:52:44

    Mumbles Mason needs to be put out to pasture. I did
    not watch Barfaldo’s interview with Mason. But, Mason
    said 90% of Americans lack the intellect to understand
    the verdict. HUH? He also said c should be able to make
    money because she spent three years in jail for a crime
    she did not commit. I guess Senoir Citizens are smoking
    crack now.


  15. CptKD
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 12:17:45

    Kim, though we’ve spoken privately, I honestly feel that I owe a HUGE public apology and explanation here as well!

    After posting this over at Andrea’s, I felt it imperative to post it here also!
    And so, if I may….

    * * *

    I know – Iknow …
    It’s like I simply dropped off the face of the earth, and for that I apologize to you, and the friends I’ve made here over the last three years…

    Aside from my health issues, I felt the incredible need to just get away from everything and anything “C” related.

    I refused to watch the only available ‘American Crime’ station HLN, and I refrained from even checking my email for weeks…

    I just couldn’t take it anymore –

    After three long years, to come away feeling so defeated, and so disgusted in EVERY Justice System, I couldn’t bring myself to watch any more of it!

    I have worked in the field of Law Enforcement, along with experience in a Paralegal capacity for over 20 yrs now, and though I’ve seen my fair share of *chit*, and disastrous court proceedings, this particular “C” case and trial, was BEYOND what I could continue to subject myself to, let alone watch, and participate in…

    When I heard about little Leiby, it only served to push me further into my own little world…

    I am still so broken over the whole “C” fiasco that played out before us, like a terrible GAME of Life, and my heart will forever ache and yearn for JUSTICE for little Caylee Marie.

    Though there is NOTHING anyone can do now, other than boycott and try to ensure that the “C” NEVER PROFITS from her dispicable crime-show, I can only hope that KARMA will get her good!

    And I hope she comes up QUICKLY, LOUDLY, with a whooping that is both IMMENSE, INTENSE, and incredibly SEVERE!

    That “C” creature deserves only the worst of the worst that Madame Karma can dole out – I hope she suffers to no end!
    From the day she strikes, and straight into eternity… I hope that bitch suffers!

    Being that I am STILL dealing with so many health issues right now, I am still unable to return to work – I had surgery a few weeks ago, and I’m slated for another on Aug 3\11.
    As much as I am missing work, I’ve been of the firm belief lately that it’s a good thing I’m not there right now, being that my view and stand on things is so freakishly opposite to where I have always stood in relation to crime and punishment.

    I did read your one post a while back about slowly etching her out of your blog, and I have to say, I was incredibly relieved to read that you were going to eventually completely let that wench go…
    She does NOT deserve any further fan-fair!

    She deserves a life of lonliness, with only the nastiest of images to cross her mind and thoughts – AWAKE and ASLEEP, she deserves UGLY!
    Only and All – UGLY!

    That said – I deserve MY LIFE back!

    I am entitled to proceed from here, without any further thoughts or mention of HER that leave me enraged and disgusted at so much…

    I have NEVER – In my entire working career…I have never let myself become so personally involved, only to be left so disconnected while working or partaking in a criminal matter before the courts.

    I have done my job, well at that, and I have NEVER taken my work home!

    This piece of shit, what she did, and what she no doubt, will continue to do, literally moved into my home…

    She became all that I lived and breathed, even putting my health issues at high risk just to stay involved and ‘in the know’ of all that was transpiring…

    Well, today I say – NO MORE!

    Time for me to re-connect with the people I’ve come to trust and admire, the people who lived through this along side of me…

    Time for me to re-connect with my own community, to serve and protect my people, and once again, become in the KNOW of what is transpiring in my city, my province, my country…

    As much as I have always followed, and been aware of what is transpiring ‘Crime-wise’ in the United States, never have I lost myself in such a manner, leading to such a loss of belief and hope…

    Never have I experienced such sadness and loss, especially due to a horrific crime that has occurred so far away from my own back yard…

    Never has anything like this gotten the better of me –

    Today, I take back what is mine!

    She can rot in hell, running scared for her life, and I hope penniless, as her daughter finally rests in peace…

    As for me, I get to feel FREE once again!

    They say that ARIES individuals’ passion runs RED HOT!
    Cross them, and their ICE is ETERNAL!

    Well, I am an ARIES! True and to a “T”!

    Let me say here, my passion is back!

    I am FREE, and I am PASSIONATE!

    I will fight once more, for all that I believe in, and for anyone needing assistance, guidance, and support due to being criminally attacked and hacked.

    As for the disgrace and mockery made of the American Justice System with this case, SHE is NOTHING – And will always be just that!

    As for the trial itself, and its outcome, not only played by, but with jokers, losers, and money-hungry freaks, they are NOTHING to me!

    Not only do I feel I have been CROSSED, but the American people have as well!

    My ice is ETERNAL!

    And this farce, with the exception of CAYLEE MARIE is DEAD to me!

    Once again, I will hold firm to the belief that Karma WILL have her day with each and every one of them!
    Because one can’t do NASTY, laugh in the face of everyone, and actually think that they’re going to get away with that!

    Again, I apologize to you, Kim!
    To you, my friends, the bloggers and readers…

    Though I may not be around as much as I used to, I am back to reading and will definately be participating where I can…

    And with that, I am rid of all that pertains to that wicked and vile family!
    Good-bye to them!

    And HELLO to a new day –
    Hello to my friends…
    And more importantly – Hello to ME!

    It feels good to be back!


  16. Dawgbert
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 14:18:28

    Welcome back Cpt. All that can be done now is to Boycott
    anything that profits anyone named Anthony. Thank God
    for our friends on FaceBook who are doing a bang up job
    on the Boycott issue.
    “As she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma.”


  17. CptKD
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 15:36:38

    “As she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma.”

    I love it!

    Thank you for the warm welcome – Feels good to be back!


  18. offthecuff
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 16:37:06

    Isn’t it great not to see her face everyday, such as when she was in court?

    And now, she’s pretty much gone, becoming more and more a whisper.

    Just blow that dandelion, blow away, blow away.

    I’m glad I do not live in Florida, as the news is still posting about the cost of trial.


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