I dunno, ya’ll…

….if these are the sorts of people I want determining policy that affects my life.


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  1. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:05:02

    I must tell you that for the first time in my life I actually fear for the country’s ability to maintain social order.

    When you have a ruling party stoking the fires of class warfare, it’s probably time to order Glen Beck’s emergency food kit.



  2. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:05:18


    • Kim
      Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:13:23


    • Sherry
      Oct 10, 2011 @ 22:18:53

      Nooooo…..My, my my! This makes me sound so intelligent! Glad I didn’t get a University edjumacation! 😛

      2. The section on education is mind-blowing. These are direct quotes right from the document:

      “Education should be funded with some of the $2 billion/week that goes to war-funding. At least 50% of it. This will weaken our millitary (sci) by 50% at least, forcing the rest of the world to pick up the slack. This will in turn cause their economies to tank, taking ours with it. But at least we’ll be highly educated.”

      WHIZZUH WHUZZAH? Let’s tank our economy, knowingly, willfully, because at least we’ll be highly educated? THIS IS HOW THE HIPPIES THINK. “We’ll be impoverished, jobless, hungry, and miserable, but BY GOLLY WE WILL BE EDUCATED.”


  3. FU
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:37:55

    I’m just waiting for the world to stop so I can get off.


  4. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:42:39

    Me too, FU – me too


  5. Sherry
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:43:37

    Being a monarchist i’m just waiting for the Lord’s return~ :mrgreen:

    Good morning, lovely peeps! ❤


  6. FU
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:45:21

    Sherry I am as well waiting for his return. Please let it be soon.


  7. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:53:53


  8. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:56:52


  9. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:58:46


    • Kim
      Oct 10, 2011 @ 10:06:36

      King’s early Tea Party proclivities don’t seem to garner much attention these days.

      Indeed, soon after King issued those inspiring remarks, the anti-American left began a long-term and sinister project to wed Marxist ideology to racial politics in order to frighten white conservatives into questioning the very basis of their country’s constitutional identity. The left’s goal back then was, according to philosopher Eric Hoffer, to “soften up the white majority and beat it into a pulp.”


  10. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:59:03

    time for the meeting


  11. offthecuff
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 10:11:08

    What’s a monarchist?


  12. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 10:22:48

    One Blogger Reports That The George Soros Funded MoveOn.Org Is Now Hiring Actors To Falsely Impersonate Protestors and Police Officers In Order To Stage Acts Of Police Brutality And Spark Riots And Civil Unrest.

    Watch Videos Here


  13. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 10:49:20

    More from Mr. Riley:

    Black individuals who don’t see themselves primarily as victims are a threat to the political left, which helps explain why MSNBC commentators have derided Mr. Cain as a token and why Jon Stewart has mocked him in tones that evoke Amos ‘n’ Andy or Stepin Fetchit. To secure political victories, Democrats need blacks to vote for them in unison. Independent thinking cannot be tolerated.

    No one is hoping more than the White House that Mr. Cain fades away. If he doesn’t, Mr. Obama’s fear of Mr. Romney winning independent voters next year could turn into a fear of Mr. Cain peeling away black support. Black enthusiasm for the president remains high but has slipped in recent months, and a black alternative to Mr. Obama is not a scenario that Democrats would welcome.



  14. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 15:23:05


    • Kim
      Oct 10, 2011 @ 15:28:40

      “An example might be the too often seen Janeane Garofalo whose mind and body bear all the markers of a mud person except for a bone through the nose, and that’s probably on her “To-Do” list for this winter. The fact that this creature is a “go-to” person for comment from her fellow blobfish Bill Maher tells you all you need to know about both them and the audience that tunes them in.”

      I don’t care who you are – that’s funny!


    • Sherry
      Oct 10, 2011 @ 18:01:35

      I really like what I’m reading here. The writer hits the proverbial nail smack on the head. Sadly, only those like myself who have grown out of the mudhole life, gets it. The fools who need this are too blind to see themselves as they really are. They just become tenured professors in the big U’s.

      This week if you would see this demographic of spiritual dwarfism in action you have only to tune in to the current cluster of parasites and perverts inhabiting parks in lower Manhattan in search of a free lunch between bouts of free non-love and mutual masturbation.

      Down in the mud of the All-American perverts’ daisy chain there’s a lot of cross-over between celebrity culture and media culture. Indeed, at a lot of levels, it is becoming hard to tell them apart. Both factions live, for the most part, in an insulated bubble of blather that is impervious to personal moral, psychological, spiritual, or political change; one that ruthlessly exacts the penalty of shunning and expulsion from the bubble in the event of any sudden shifts and heresies from any accepted inhabitant. Like junkies in all ages, once the ideological needle goes in, it never comes out.


      • Kim
        Oct 10, 2011 @ 18:10:44

        “”They just become tenured professors in the big U’s.””


        (I kinda thought you would find that interesting)

  15. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 15:51:14


  16. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 15:52:18


  17. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 15:54:51


  18. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 16:05:03

    The gist is this: President Obama has become a lone wolf, a stranger to his own government. He talks mostly, and sometimes only, to friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett and to David Axelrod, his political strategist.


    Didn’t I just say this to someone?


  19. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 16:07:20

    Apparently, the Pagans have joined Pres. Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi in embracing the Occupy D.C. protests.



    • Sherry
      Oct 10, 2011 @ 19:05:22

      It amazes me to no end that our nation has leaders that neither knows American History and Government but has no clue about current world events. They must have been fantastic in debate class and got puffed up from all of the kudos for it….thus, a run for political office and brown nosing those in political office was their coveted direction in life. 😕


    • Sherry
      Oct 10, 2011 @ 19:50:21

      But, their willingness to clutter the Earth suggests they may not be Orthodox Pagans:
      “The area is littered with the belongings of the protesters, including the sleeping bags of those who are camping at the site.”

      Yeah, I kinda figured they weren’t environmentalists. 😕
      Not like the good ol’ hippy yippy days of our youth at all. 😆
      Too bad Soros didn’t pay for Port-a-Potties. Oh my, can you imagine the businesses with public toilets, like restaurants, and what they have had to deal with? 😯


      • Kim
        Oct 11, 2011 @ 07:41:06

        I read that a lot of the business have put locks on the bathroom doors and the occubaggers are getting really nasty about it

  20. Janel Corey White
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 17:04:09

    HI KIM!!!! I agree with you…I can feel the unstable floor of society lifting up under my feet and it reeks of CHAOS.


  21. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 17:09:55

    Chaos is the goal, my friend!!

    I am THRILLED to see you here!!!!!!


  22. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 17:32:52


    • Sherry
      Oct 10, 2011 @ 20:09:46

      Tissot, maker of Swiss watches since 1853, yes 1853, is removing its 158-year-old identity. Any company (or individual) that cannot stand up for what they are or does not know who and what they are, will inevitably disappear. Worse, capitualting to an ideology that lashes women, covers them in cloth coffins, cuts off clitorises, and denies non-Muslims basic human rights, is beneath contempt. I, for one, will never buy from these cowards.

      As for the Saudis demanding (under the sharia) that the cross not be shown in public, the West should respond in kind. No crescents and stars anywhere. Everywhere the sharia is imposed on the West, freedom lovers should respond in kind. Tolerance when applied to evil is a crime.

      Is anyone surprised that the Swiss cowered and capitulated? Did they not secretly align with the Nazis during WWII?


  23. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 17:44:03

    You’ll see the same at “Occupy Mosque.” Oh, wait, there isn’t one of those movements because businessman who create wealth and products are the villains, not Muslims who use the technology the businesses produce . . . to blow people up.



  24. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 17:44:26

    Mike Lupica wrote: “This is no longer about political dissent. It is about storm trooper sound bites, and hate. This isn’t the kind of honest debate on which our system of government has been built. It is vile, back-alley fighting, getting worse by the day, with no end in sight. People say that opposition to all Presidents, even the most unpopular white ones, sounds like this. No, it doesn’t.”



  25. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 18:50:23


  26. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 18:56:00


  27. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 19:04:01


  28. Kim
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 19:06:35

    President Barack Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any other politician over the past 20 years, including former President George W. Bush.”



  29. Sherry
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 23:07:01


  30. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 07:42:16

    Man I should have waited for my coffee to kick in first


  31. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:05:12

    It was funny the way he was singing it – like old whatshisface


  32. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:15:02


  33. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:32:53


  34. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:40:00

    But new e-mails revealed today indicate there were plenty of folks within the administration who had serious questions about Solyndra, with the president’s chief economic adviser at the time, Larry Summers, suggesting that the government was “crappy” at picking sound investments.




    • Kim
      Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:52:25

      It didn’t matter that Summers received specific and direct advice from an investment firm about the Solyndra investment, which said, “allocation of spending to clean energy is haphazard; the government is just not well equipped to decide which companies should get the money and how much. … One of our solar companies with revenues of less than $100 million (and not yet profitable) received a government loan of $580 million; while that is good for us, I can’t imagine it’s a good way for the government to use taxpayer money.” What mattered is that Obama wanted to push his stupid energy ideas regardless of pesky things like facts and logic.


  35. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:53:36


  36. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:58:07


  37. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:59:28


  38. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:03:31


  39. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:10:32


  40. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:24:34


  41. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:26:33


  42. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:27:49


  43. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 13:38:02


  44. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 13:58:00


  45. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 14:50:34


  46. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 14:54:50


  47. Kim
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 15:00:31


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