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  1. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 09:24:40

    On October 14 (a Friday, naturally), Tim Geithner’s bunch released the final Monthly Treasury Statement of the 2011 fiscal year. It showed that for the third consecutive year, the federal government’s reported deficit was well over $1 trillion — $1.298614 trillion, to be exact.


  2. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 09:25:00


  3. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 09:41:27


  4. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 09:42:41


  5. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 09:57:00


  6. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 10:05:39


  7. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 10:44:23

    Spoelstra initially demanded that 15 percent of staffers on the FDNY and NYPD be bisexual, witnesses said, but then changed his mind and said he wanted 15 of the police officers on scene to leave.



  8. Sherry
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 12:11:04

    If one wants to read what’s on the image, just click on it-it comes out nice and clear.

    Well said, BTW!


  9. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 12:20:41

    Yes – I will edit that so people can see it.

    Ok, my back and hip are KILLING me 😦

    My room mate relies on me for his bath and even though we took it slow and I sat a lot I am still hurting 😦


  10. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 12:32:39



  11. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 12:47:56


  12. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 12:55:31


  13. Sherry
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 12:59:45

    Hey! The above comment of mine was supposed to go under your hurting hip and back comment… 😳


  14. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 13:02:21

    “When it comes to faith, it is the core of who I am. It is an essential act as much as breathing is an essential act,” Perry said. “I found the true source of hope and change, and that is a loving God who changes hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.”


    • Sherry
      Oct 23, 2011 @ 20:57:59

      Boy, Cain disappointed me on his stance of abortion. Even though he turned around to correct himself, he came off sounding like a waffler for the sake of a vote. I don’t know about him now. 😦


      • Sherry
        Oct 23, 2011 @ 21:14:59

        Cain sounded no better than pro-choicers (like our friend who doesn’t like abortion but doesn’t think government should tell a woman what to do with her body). So pragmatic on an issue that has an absolute moral truth to it-that life begins at conception. Yes, Cain said that’s his belief about when life begins but to say that government has no right to tell a woman what to do in the case of incest and rape is a falacious argument. Government is not doing that with the legalization of abortion-it just made it easier for a woman to have an abortion for birth control purposes.

        I have an old law book (pre-1973) that shows that abortion was legal in all fifty states for the case of a mother’s or baby’s life being in jeopardy and/or for the cases of rape and incest, the latter needing proof of such a thing (i.e., the law became involved). Roe v. Wade was never about back alley abortions for these reasons such as many were led to believe back then. it was about birth control and eliminating 9 months of inconvenience and wear and tear on the woman’s body.

        Well, I like Cain but this has me in a quandry. I’m a one issue voter and that being abortion. How a candidate cares for the unborn and most innocent tells me how he cares about human life outside the womb. I do believe a person’s stance on abortion reveals their level care and concern for all people.

      • Kim
        Oct 24, 2011 @ 07:29:07

        I am waffling and I hate wafflers!

        We are going to be stuck with Romney is my greatest fear – someone who will allow obama to win and it just can’t happen

      • Sherry
        Oct 24, 2011 @ 12:47:17

        Waffling isn’t bad if its done in the search for truth. Being duplicitous, playing both sides for an agenda, is what is bad. That’s the term for Cain, imo, right now. Playing both sides. 😦

  15. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 13:16:43


  16. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 13:18:05

    Ok – looks like WordPress is having hiccups again


  17. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 13:27:12


  18. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 13:47:20


  19. Sherry
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 13:58:10

    Are We the Wall Street Protestors?

    Throughout history, there have been human beings who did not want to compete in the marketplace. That sentiment drives a hatred of capitalism. The American economic system is a meritocracy. If you work hard and do well in your job, you usually will prosper providing you practice patience. If you don’t work hard and smart, you will be out on your keister — unless a union saves you.


    • Sherry
      Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:01:27

      I respect dissent, but not stupidity. Do these anti-capitalists ever read a newspaper or a history book? Greece and other European countries are collapsing under entitlement debt, and the entire world is suffering economically because of it.

      The Soviet Union fell apart under communism. Cuba is a disaster. Zimbabwe is unspeakable. Every place on Earth that tries to seize private property implodes. Most human beings are built to better themselves, not to throw their talents into a collective kitty usually run by corrupt killers.


      • Sherry
        Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:08:29

        I absolutely love what O’Reilly says to end his op-ed! That was a good read!

      • Kim
        Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:16:13

        These are the useful idiots who have never read anything other than liberal propaganda, who have been coddled all their lives and when someone says to them hey, party at the park – they all head out


      • Sherry
        Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:46:25

        I respect and like Bill O’Reilly but his teacher in him refuses to let him admit that some “students” just won’t learn. Like you said, “Party at the park!” and they run like mad to it. That’s why these mush-minds had no idea what they were about until the second or third week of protest.

      • Kim
        Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:51:23

        Even now they have no real clue. It is going to take reality in the form of Mother Nature to clean up these parks

    • Kim
      Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:06:41


      “unless a union saves you”!!!!!!!


  20. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:37:23


  21. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:45:42


  22. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:50:25


    • Kim
      Oct 23, 2011 @ 14:57:00

      From Mark Lifsher: “The plants are expected to create nearly 4,000 construction jobs over the next five years and an additional 250 permanent jobs after they’re up and running. All the power generated will be sold to California utilities at fixed prices under long-term contracts already approved by state regulators.”

      You see? 250 permanent jobs and all we had to risk was $7 billion — or $28 million per job.


  23. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 15:01:14


  24. Kim
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 16:40:43


  25. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 09:47:46


  26. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 10:58:49


  27. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 11:07:58


  28. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 11:09:32


  29. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 11:14:20

    I think he meant to say, “I can’t look you in the eye and tell you the Recovery Act and the stimulus created jobs.”


  30. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 11:29:55


  31. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 11:31:24


    America has a 9% unemployment rate, but the Department of Homeland Security, instead of hiring US citizens to assist in rounding up undocumented aliens and shipping them home, has chosen to authorize employing people who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

    The Department of Homeland Security, headed up Janet Napolitano and in cooperation with the White House, has chosen to reward illegals with paychecks that could otherwise be going to Americans who are unemployed. According to Napolitano, DHS apparently sanctions and authorizes hiring foreigners who flout the law, citing “prosecutorial discretion” as the excuse.


  32. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 12:10:36

    Social media enthusiast and former Congressman Anthony Weiner has continued to spend campaign contributions in the three months since he resigned from office in a naked photo scandal in June. Mr. Weiner has spent $130,000 on travel expenses, consulting, research and legal fees.


  33. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 12:13:34


    • Sherry
      Oct 24, 2011 @ 13:16:56

      These type of things just make me spit nails! Disgusting pieces of feces! WTH is it with the youth who have no respect for the elderly??? Sans God’s mercy may they know what it’s like when they are elderly-IF they live so long!


      • Kim
        Oct 24, 2011 @ 14:21:42

        There are so many places to lay blame for this behavior but I chose the one closest to home – The parents failed them

  34. Sherry
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 12:51:50

    “This is your brain on drugs…”

    A montage of OWS-ers showing who they really are~
    (please don’t watch while eating or if you have a weak stomach ot high blood pressure)

    OWS-ers inAction


  35. Sherry
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 12:52:32

    Shoo…my comment went to spam…


  36. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 13:04:02

    Many in the legacy media are now failing their viewers, listeners, and readers by not discerning the rhythm of the Tea Party movement. Or, maybe they’re just more comfortable trafficking in wishful thinking.

    The legacy media can’t read the Hobbits because they’re unfamiliar with life in the Shire. Ironically, they pronounce the death of the Tea Party while it is they who speak with the death rattle.


  37. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 14:22:38

    President Barack Obama sought to revive his reputation as the champion of America’s poor on Monday, before heading to Hollywood to collect crucial re-election donations from millionaire supporters.


  38. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 14:38:41


  39. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 14:59:26

    And just last week Obama compared OWS to the Tea Party. Last time I checked there weren’t any sexual assaults at Tea Party protests.


  40. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 15:05:28


  41. CptKD
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 15:17:03

    Thanks for sharing…

    I really NEEDED this!

    Honestly felt, like a good kick in the ass…

    For that – Again, I thank you!


  42. Kim
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 15:22:40


  43. Kim
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 08:14:09


  44. Kim
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 09:11:10

    This is one of those things where it’s likely that a number of explanations is required. Conservatism is the doctrine of civilized standards. It is strongly opposed to demagoguery and mob rule of any sort. Its roots lie in the WASP ascendancy, with its deference to authority and self-control, and with American Jewish culture, with its deep respect for law. Its morality is Christian, with its attitude toward adversaries derived from the command to “turn the other cheek.” And as in many groups where civility and poise are major components, it draws people who are not as rough or hard-edged as they might be. We’ll call it “delicacy” rather than “cowardice.”


    • Kim
      Oct 25, 2011 @ 09:11:48

      We are commanded to turn the other cheek, not to twirl around like tops.


      • Sherry
        Oct 25, 2011 @ 13:57:40

        Um, turn the other cheek is not on the national level. It is meant as a personal admonishment. If one slaps you on the cheek, you turn it of your own free will. If I see someone slap you on the cheek, it would be a sin to allow it to happen to you without protest if it is unprovoked or excessive. If it is deserved then I stay still about it. Our nation was never built on turning the other cheek else we’d be under British rule.

        Also, we, as Christians, are to expose evil-publically when it is public. That’s far from a Roman trait. AT makes meekness sound like weakness, thus the need to do things in the worldly fashion. Even Jesus said to sell your coat for a sword if you have not one because the days are evil. In Egypt we saw how christians are to defend one another and the people of the nation they live in. In our nation we also have the choice to be pacivists in the face of our enemies. But that is the sure way to be put fully in our enemies hands.

      • Kim
        Oct 25, 2011 @ 14:05:40

        American Thinker only published – the writer wrote the article

  45. Kim
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 14:05:57


    • Kim
      Oct 25, 2011 @ 14:06:43

      After insulting Republican presidential candidates, Weber comes to the overwrought point of his screed. A word to the wise: avoid ingesting any beverage while reading what’s to follow (emphasis added) —

      The scale of Right Wing sociopolitical sabotage necessitates a Nuremberg-scale trial for all the corporate agents and treasonous capitalisto-fascist architects of our democracy’s current and most pressing misery. From the blatant Republican doublespeak emanating from think-tank sponsored word doctors to the outright obstruction and lies expectorated by Republican congressional representatives and senators, the very concept of governance can only be considered once the culprits are removed. Driven to real madness by unadulterated greed they have embraced an ideology, the success of which hinges upon the very ruin of this nation.

      Gee, I don’t know. Wouldn’t the “very ruin of this nation” be really bad for sales? Just asking.


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