While we were in Iraq

While we were in Iraq we did nothing to protect these people, our government abandoned them over fears of enraging the Muslim majority.


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  1. Kim
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 18:51:42

    A group of protesters linked to the Islamic extremist wing, composed mostly of young people, yesterday stormed several Christian-owned shops, a hotel and a beauty parlour. The violence erupted yesterday afternoon in the town of Zakho, about 470 km from Baghdad, Iraqi Kurdistan located a few kilometers from the border with Turkey, and caused the wounding of at least 30 people, including 20 policemen. The fundamentalist wrath was unleashed by the vitriolic sermon of an imam in the local mosque, after which punitive raids were launched across the city. Pro-government Kurdish factions have already responded to the onslaught of the xtremist groups, who burned at least six sites of the Islamic Party of Kurdistan in the city and surrounding areas.



  2. Kim
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 18:52:05


    • Sherry
      Dec 03, 2011 @ 20:15:16

      When Saddam Hussein was dethroned my friend told me that would begin severe Christian persecution in Iraq. I had no idea that Hussen was favorable to the Christians at the same time he was mass murdering a Muslim sect.

      If I had all of the money and political pull in the world I’d kick out the islamists from our nation and let in all of the persected Christians from around the world. That’s the reason, along with political persecution, that our doors are open to immigrants. Not for a better job here while going home there.


  3. Sherry
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 19:21:13


  4. Kim
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 19:26:47

    I have such a respect for Col. West


  5. Kim
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 20:08:44

    It is time for a change

    we need a real and true spirit


  6. Sherry
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 23:48:44


    • Sherry
      Dec 04, 2011 @ 23:52:10

      From the news linked in the above link:

      We cannot accept and thereby facilitate what looks more and more like a particularly perverse program of religious cleansing in the Middle East.” – French President Nicholas Sarkozy, January 7, 2011.

      “Massacres are taking place for no reason and without any justification against Christians. It is only because they are Christians. What is happening to Christians is a genocide.” – Former Lebanese President Amine Gemayal, January 3, 2011.

      “The most recent developments [i.e., deadly Islamist attacks against Egyptian Christians in May 2011] fill us with dread. …The aim of the Islamists is to stoke up hatred and violence.” – Former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, June 27, 2011.


      • Sherry
        Dec 05, 2011 @ 00:23:10


        Most acts of Islamic supremacist violence against non-Muslim minorities receive little media attention in the United States. Take, for example, just a few of the cases that have come to the notice of CSI since the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring”:

        Egyptian Christian teenager, Ayman Nabil Labib – murdered by schoolmates after refusing to remove a cross necklace.

        Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani – sentenced to death for having allegedly converted from Islam to Christianity.”

        Catholic priest, Fr. Mark Rybinski – murdered in Tunisia.

        27-year-old Pakistani Christian nurse Shaista Samuel– raped by Muslims and subjected to pressure to convert to Islam.

        Libyan Jew, David Gerbi – prevented from reopening the synagogue in Tripoli by Islamist mobs declaring: “There is no place for Jews in Libya!

        CBS Reporter Lara Logan – sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square in Cairo by a mob of Muslim men chanting “Jew! Jew!”

        Iraqi Christians Hanna Polos Emmanuel and Bassn Isho – kidnapped and shot dead near Kirkuk.

  7. Kim
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 07:54:16

    But Sherry!!! They are the tolerant ones!


  8. Kim
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 08:58:38

    or nearly a decade since 9/11, America’s national security establishment’s understanding of the threat of Islamic terrorism and its approach to contending with that danger flow directly from a conviction that they have nothing to do with Islam, except to the extent al Qaeda “perverts” or “hijacks” that religion. But what if this characterization of the problem we continue to face is simply and utterly wrong? What if there actually is a direct tie between what recognized, mainstream authorities of Islam call “shariah” and the jihad (or holy war) it demands of adherents, some of which is manifested as terrifying violence? What if, in addition, jihadists engage in non-violent – and, in some ways, far more insidious – efforts to accomplish the same goal: the supremacy of shariah worldwide under a caliph?



  9. Kim
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 09:01:37


  10. Kim
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 09:33:10

    Muslim Murders Christian Girl in Pakistan

    For refusing the allow him to rape her.



  11. Kim
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 09:52:10

    CSI Issues Genocide Warning for Religious Minorities in the Middle East

    New Petition Calls on President Obama to Help Halt Religious Cleansing

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Christian Solidarity International (CSI) issued a Genocide Warning today for endangered religious minorities in the Islamic Middle East, and called on President Barack Obama to make their survival a priority as the United States responds to the “Arab Spring”.

    CSI simultaneously launched a petition to the President, asking him to respond to the upsurge of violence against religious minorities in the Middle East in his upcoming State of the Union Address.

    Christians, Jews, Baha’i, Yezidis, Sabeans, and Ahmadias, numbering collectively over 12 million, are among the endangered minorities.

    Writing today to President Obama, Dr. John Eibner, CEO of CSI-USA, stated:

    “Conditions for genocide against non-Muslim communities exist in varying degrees throughout the region stretching from Pakistan to Morocco. The crisis of survival for non-Muslim communities is especially acute in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, the Palestinian territories, Iran and Pakistan.”

    Eibner also reminded President Obama of genocide warnings issued this year by French President Nicholas Sarkozy and former Lebanese President Amine Gemayal.

    He furthermore recalled the President’s May 19 speech on events in the Middle East, in which he committed to establish universal human rights, including religious freedom, as “a top priority that must be translated into concrete actions, and supported by all of the diplomatic, economic and strategic tools at our disposal.”

    CSI urged President Obama to present in his State of the Union Address a Middle East policy that includes:

    An appeal to the UN Secretary General for the issuance of a Genocide Warning and implementation of preventative measures on the basis of Security Council Resolution 1366 (2001),
    The commitment of at least 15% of US funding pledged for the support of democratic transition in the region to be devoted to combating Islamic supremacism, and
    A pledge to withhold U.S. funding for institutions that promote religious discrimination.

    Eibner concluded his letter to the President stating: “Millions of lives and the future of a religiously pluralistic civilization in the Middle East are at stake.”

    CSI is an international, Christian human rights organization, campaigning for religious liberty and human dignity, and assisting victims of religious persecution, victimized children and victims of catastrophe.


  12. Sherry
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 23:41:36

    Muslims Demand that people stop saying Merry Christmas:


    hattip to iggymom


  13. Kim
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 07:36:02

    It is to tiny!!

    What does it say?!?!

    Muslims/. Intolerant?



  14. Kim
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 08:58:51

    They also said they will apply Article 2 of the Egyptian Constitution which indicates that any law opposing Islamic Sharia will be null and invalid, according to the Supreme Constitutional Court verdict issued in 1996.



  15. Sherry
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 17:53:45


    While the world looks the other way…

    Funny how certain Americans can’t wait to jump down our throats for exposing the evils of islamization because its “rascist” and bigoted toward a “religious” group but they say not a peep when Christians are being brutally tortured and persecuted by islamists just because they are Christians. I can hear the crickets thanks to these touchy-feely liberals’ silence.


  16. Kim
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 17:55:56

    It has been crickets on this topic for so long I fear a new plague


  17. Kim
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 14:49:28

    Did you like that?



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