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  1. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 10:10:43

    When asked whether it is a requirement for the government in Egypt to recognize Israel, Bayoumi responded by saying: “This is not an option, whatever the circumstances, we do not recognize Israel at all. Its [Israel] an occupying criminal enemy.”

    The deputy leader stressed during the interview that no Muslim Brotherhood members would ever meet with Israelis for negotiations. “I will not allow myself to sit down with criminals.”



    • Kim
      Jan 01, 2012 @ 10:11:05

      Thanks obama!


      • Sherry
        Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:14:34

        Really! Obama’s cavalier attitude toward the MB then his wanting to have talks with them gave them legitimacy that not even Carter was stupid enough to give them while in office (he did that later trying to get Gilad Shalit free). And I believe he knows exactly what he is doing-he is a puppet. It amazes me that so many in conservative media want to say Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing.

        IMO, Israel should just go kick butt and nevermind about the US or the UN. They have been way too nice toward their enemy.

      • Kim
        Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:17:22

        I think Israeli will move ahead and kick butt – why should they sit back and be threatened, waiting for our milquetoast president to decide anything?

        He hasn’t made a decision yet!

        Even his caddy chooses his club for him!

  2. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 10:48:58


    • Sherry
      Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:17:44

      I believe Obama knew that the MB wasn’t about democracy apart from dictatorship. I wouldn’t doubt that he is being groomed for a UN position.


      • Kim
        Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:24:33

        I think obama believes he will be dictator someday. I really think he believes it – his ego is massive. However, his handlers and supporters have noticed his clay feet and his decided lack of depth.

        He will be tossed aside as quickly as they can get rid of him

  3. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:45:25

    As an ideology, Islam is not entitled to equal respect and acceptance, because ideas do not carry equal moral weight. Islam is not simply a belief about God. It is a word that means submission. Islam is inseparable from a set of rules that define a social hierarchy in which Muslims submit to Allah, women submit to men and all non-Muslims submit to Islamic rule.

    Since we don’t live in a Muslim country – where censorship, intimidation and brute force are shamelessly employed to protect Islam from intellectual analysis – we are still free to openly exercise our right to debate the merits of the Islamic value system against Western Liberalism.



  4. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 13:03:10

    It is not the American way to become more like Saudi Arabia or Iran. There they have public dress codes, Shariah law and other niceties like stonings, beheadings and honor killings. Ours is a modern society based on humanistic behavior, on accommodating the individual – not serving the Sheik, the Imam, the police or local thugs.

    Here we protect and nurture the individual, not subvert our freedoms in the service of the “greater good” as defined by Allah’s unblemished representatives here on earth, or by a dictator’s goons, as the case may be.



  5. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 13:15:54

    While Western diplomats wring their hands over trivial insults to Islam, a slow-motion genocide of Christians has been unfolding in the Muslim world. The latest attack occurred on Christmas day in Nigeria, where the terrorist sect Boko Haram bombed two Catholic churches in the towns of Abuja and Jos, killing at least 39 worshipers. This same group killed 32 Christians last Christmas Eve. In this year alone, Boko Haram has murdered 491 people.



    • Kim
      Jan 01, 2012 @ 13:19:05

      Boko Haram has declared that it is in a “holy struggle to oust the secular regime and entrench a just Islamic government,” and that it will “hunt and gun down those who oppose the rule of sharia in Nigeria and ensure that the infidel does not go unpunished.” Its increased sophistication and contacts with other terrorist groups make it a threat not only to the country’s Christians and traditional Muslim leaders, but to the stability of Nigeria as a whole.



  6. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 13:32:53

    There is a reason we call it Islamic terrorism, and it isn’t
    because we falsely attribute motives to the terrorists, but
    because Islam is the stated purpose and aim of the terrorists.
    Daniel Greenfield


  7. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 14:55:03


  8. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 14:58:14

    Over the past year Kandahar officials say insurgents have chosen to fight fewer face-to-face battles with troops. Instead, they say militants favor suicide attacks and are increasingly relying on children to carry them out.

    “Using children is a new enemy tactic. Children are given 50 to 100 Afghanis to carry things. They don’t know what they’re carrying and the control to detonate the bomb is with someone else. When the kids reach the tanks or police vehicles, the enemies blow them up. Many kids are told they will survive,” General Abdul Raziq is Kandahar’s acting police chief stated. “Children cannot judge, and the older ones no longer want to do it.”



  9. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:51:50

    2012 – yup, I double checked – the year is 2012 and this horror is happening now


    Admittedly, it does take a strong constitution and a high level of commitment to flout the law and believe so much in a woman’s right to choose that you’d be willing to conceal the crime by filling a freezer with dead fetuses. And while some may view killing full-term babies as ghastly, it’s really just abortion with a Dr. ‘Death’ Kevorkian twist.

    In pro-choice circles, regardless of how grisly it may seem to others, women reserve the right to seek out doctors like Brigham and Riley who, like Gosnell and Tiller, are willing to go the distance to ensure the freedom and dignity of women wishing to exercise autonomy over their own bodies.


    • Kim
      Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:54:28

      Hailing from the Garden and Beehive states, the irony was lost on Brigham and Riley as they stuffed fetuses into the freezer. Were they unaware of Maryland’s “viable, or showing signs of healthy development” clause?

      Either way, somewhere along the line someone put two and two together and figured out that nine-month-old fetuses, also known as babies, are generally able to survive outside the womb. So, if 36 dead children end up in a freezer, 13 of whom were said to be full term, there’s a good chance one or two of them could have complicated matters by daring to be born alive.


  10. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:57:02

    Even President Barack Obama, who opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, contends that to give medical treatment to children born alive in botched abortions “simply…burden[s] the original decision of the woman and the decision to induce labor and perform an abortion” — a moral quandary that has left dedicated late-term abortion doctors like Brigham and Riley in a bit of a pickle.

    However, those who support the right to choose shouldn’t worry, because as always, in their stead another champion of choice will emerge from the ash heap of hell – men and women whose idea of choice includes stuffing freezers with the fully-formed bodies of helpless infants.


  11. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 17:12:51

    Yohanna Qulta: We will oppose this fiercely, to the point of martyrdom. Returning to the Middle Ages is out of the question. We will not turn to the UN or to the Western countries, but to Al-Azhar, to Islamic moral values, and to the vast majority of Muslims, who are moderate. Gone are the days of paying the jizya, the days of slavery. What the Salafis and the others need to understand is that the religious state has failed, from East to West, in every era, both in Christian and Muslims countries.



  12. Kim
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 17:19:03


  13. Kim
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 09:32:22

    Also grim: The consensus among the experts is that unemployment will stay stubbornly high, dropping from its current 8.6% to no lower than 8.4% by Election Day.

    Little wonder that, after an $800 billion stimulus, a year spent pushing through an endlessly complex health care reform bill and presidential failure to embrace a bold, bipartisan plan to tame spiraling debt through tax reform, fully 60% of Americans now disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy.

    Little wonder, too, that just 22% think the country is headed in the right direction, while 72% see it going wrong.



  14. Kim
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 11:08:11

    Most Americans describe themselves as “conservative.” And conservatives, by nature, tend to mind their own business. Unless, of course, their “own business” is being run over by a controlling, liberal president and his cronies.

    American conservatives have indeed had to rouse themselves out of a somewhat complacent sleep and get to work. They have done so formidably, as evidenced by the election, in 2010, of a large number of conservative members of Congress. But, more work awaits, and time is fleeting.

    Many may have their gaze set on Iowa. I say leave Iowa to the pundits. There are bigger fish to fry. Whether the winner is a Republican “establishment machine” nominee, or one with real conservative credentials, the nation needs a Congress that will embrace its power, as provided for in the Constitution, to limit the scope of the federal government. The ultimate “tension” of the Constitution: how to elect members of Congress who will go to Washington to limit their own power. Only an inspired document could set its sights on such a seemingly non-human task!



  15. Kim
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 11:30:45

    Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes and Goofs

    Submitted by jmigyanka@msn.com on Mon, 01/02/2012 – 11:16am.

    1. “The Bomb” that fell on Pearl Harbor
    2. “The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries.”
    3. 10,000 People (A Whole Town!) Died in Kansas ~ Oops, Overstated by 9,988
    4. Admits His Plan would Necessarily Cause Energy Prices to Skyrocket
    5. Air Raiding Villages a la Yankee Air Pirates: Destroys Whole Afghan Villages!
    6. Another Senior Moment
    7. ATMs Cause Unemployment
    8. Blames Hugo Chavez’s Election on (ta da) BUSH! Oops.
    9. Blows off the Salute To Heroes (MOH) Inaugural Ball
    10. Botched Toast ~ Babbles over “God Save The Queen”
    11. Bowls like a Special Olympian
    12. Bows to the Chicom President
    13. Bows to the Emperor of Japan
    14. Bows to the Saudi King
    15. Burns up 9,000 gallons of Jet Fuel on Earth Day
    16. Can’t Keep MOH Recipients Straight
    17. Can’t Remember His Own Wife’s Name
    18. Celebrates the Fifth of the Fourth
    19. Claims to be the only President in History to Try to Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations
    20. Confuses “his” Christianity for “his Muslim faith”
    21. Congratulates the FBI’s First Hundred Days
    22. Constitutional Principles on Judiciary Written 20 Centuries Ago
    23. Cops Acted Stupidly (@ 1:30)
    24. Date Nights at a Quarter of a Million a Pop
    25. Did He REALLY just call Palin a “Pig”??????
    26. Disrespects the Flag and the National Anthem
    27. Dr. Obama on the Causes of Autism
    28. Doesn’t Know How Old His Daughter Is
    29. Exaggerates about Military Small Unit Methods, Weapons, and Tactics in Afghanistan
    30. Expects to be President for “Eight to Ten Years”
    31. Faux White Sox Fan Can’t Name Favorite Players, Loves “Cominskey” Park
    32. Flippantly Answers the “When Does Life Begin” Question ~ Above His Pay Grade
    33. Flips Off Her Royal Clinton
    34. Flips Off John McCain
    35. Flubs Town Hall Hosts’ Name
    36. Forgot to Duck ~ Too Busy Waving
    37. Gins up the Reason for his Birth In Selma (Bonus…Jive Accent)
    38. Gives a Shout out to MOH who Isn’t
    39. Gives the Queen an iPod
    40. Gives Thoughtless Gifts to Brit PM Brown and his Children
    41. Had an Imaginary Assignment to the Senate Banking Committee
    42. Had an Uncle who Liberated Auschwitz
    43. Har, Har, Har, $800 BN Wasn’t As Shovel Ready as We Thought ~ Hilarious!!!!!
    44. Has Visited 57 States
    45. Harvard Degree ~ Mechanical Engineering? No, Definitely NOT!
    46. Hates Old People
    47. How to Keep All Those Wars Straight?
    48. Identifies a Whole New State (Eau Claire)
    49. If I Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance, I’ll Baffle ‘em With BS
    50. If Asking A Billionaire to Pay the Same Tax Rate as a Jew ~ Anti Semitic? (Shrink friend calls it the Amytal Interview)
    51. (a) through (m) I’m Just Freakin’ Perfect Every Day, In Every Way. If You Don’t Believe it, ASK ME!!!!
    52. Inhaled Frequently. That was the Point.
    53. Insults French President Sarcozy ~ “Hope Your New Kid Isn’t Ugly Like You”
    54. Israel is a Strong Friend of Israel’s ~ Whilst being Perfectly Clear
    55. Makes a Nasty Joke about Nancy Reagan and Seances
    56. Medical Genius (Off Prompter)
    57. Mistakes a Window for a Door
    58. Mocks Joe the Plumber
    59. Navy Corpse Man
    60. Oaf of Office
    61. Ogles La Derriere Like a Frenchman
    62. Oh Wait…Robots Create Jobs with Unions (@ 1:35)
    63. Panders to Hispanics…Rewrites History Again
    64. Pesky Infrastructure Terms Like “Intercontinental” Trip Him Up
    65. Pitches Like a Girl Whilst Wearing Mom Jeans….Wheeeee!!!!!
    66. Promotes Canada’s Prime Minister to a President
    67. Refused to Visit the Troops Because No Media Was Allowed
    68. Reporters with Foreign Policy Questions are SOOO Annoying!
    69. Scares the Crap out of New Yorkers
    70. Scares a Marine Guard by Shaking His Hand
    71. Screw Our Allies ~ I’m going with Hugo and Ortega on This One
    72. Seeks Greater Inefficiencies in the Health Care System via Obamacare
    73. Sees Dead People
    74. Shankopotomus (watch the Crackberry go flying)
    75. Signs the Wrong Year in Guest Book at Westminster Abbey
    76. Snubs Brits by Returning the Bust of Winston Churchill
    77. Someone Waging a KMA can’t Spell “Libya” (h/t our own Warner Todd Houston)
    78. Staff Incompetence ~ Obama’s Limo Gets Stuck
    79. Staff Incompetence Part Deux ~ Obama’s Ignorance of Geography is Apparently Virulent
    80. The Time has Changed for Come
    81. Thinks “Victory” is a 4 Letter Word
    82. Thinks Austrian is a Language
    83. Thinks Europe is a Country
    84. Throws Out the Honored Guest with the Trash
    85. Wants to Halt the Rise of Privacy
    86. Waves Like Alfred E. Neuman (h/t El Rushbo)
    87. Waves Again ~ Speak to the Hand Part Deux
    88. We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For
    89. We Can’t Balance The Budget…w/o Tax Increases ~ Um, Bernanke Disagrees
    90. When in Ireland, Do as the Irish Do….NO WAIT….BYOB (non-alcoholic)
    91. Will Halt The Rise of the Oceans
    92. Wouldn’t “Punish” His Daughters with a Baby AND Equates Pregnancy to an STD
    93. WTF of the Day
    94. You Might be a Filthy Rich Cretin If….Oh Never Mind, the Math Doesn’t Really Work



  16. Kim
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 11:51:52

    The militant Islamist group Boko Haram has issued an ultimatum giving Christians living in northern Nigeria three days to leave the area amid a rising tide of violence there.

    A Boko Haram spokesman, Abul Qaqa, also said late Sunday that Boko Haram fighters are ready to confront soldiers sent to the area under a state of emergency declared in parts of four states by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday



  17. Kim
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 12:27:32

    The number of Republicans in the country increased by a percentage point in December, while the number of Democrats fell back two points to the lowest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports.



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