The peoples car?!

(LA Times) General Motors Co. plans to bring a special version of the Chevrolet Volt to the California market that will qualify the plug-in hybrid sedan for a $1,500 state rebate and a coveted carpool lane sticker.

The Volt, which the automaker has made the poster child for its environmental credentials, has sold slower in California than its all-electric rival, the Nissan Leaf — in part because it previously did not qualify as a vehicle solo drivers could use in the state’s network of time-saving carpool lanes.


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  1. Kim
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 12:13:40

    Despite Government Motors sponsoring Communist propaganda, despite the Chevy Volt costing taxpayers $250k per vehicle to produce, despite Big Government purchasing 1-in-every-4 hybrids sold, despite taxpayers losing $9 billion on GM’s IPO loss last year, despite Americans being forced to shell out an additional $7,500 worth of tax and ‘clean-car’ incentives for every Volt purchased, despite GMs’ $50 billion bailout, despite bankrupt GM distributing manager bonuses up to 50% of their salaries, despite GM spending $4 million on lobbyists in just 3 months due to horrible Volt sales, despite GM covering corporate transgender surgeries, despite perfectly timed hype from Motor Trend naming the government-subsidized Chevy Volt as ‘Car of the Year’ without a single Volt ever being sold, despite Chevy Volts randomly catching fire, despite…

    Well, despite all that, it’s best we ignore America’s ballooning culture of corruption. For our children’s sake.


  2. Invisible Mikey
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 12:38:37

    The reason the Volt doesn’t sell is because it’s too expensive. A “people’s car” has to be affordable. The technology of the car is far less relevant than its price. The people’s cars are ones like the Honda Fit, KIAs, and Ford’s Focus that get good mileage AND have a low price tag.


    • Kim
      Jan 22, 2012 @ 13:38:25

      The reason the volt doesn’t sell is because it is impractical. Here in Houston no one could use it due to distance traveled and unpredictable traffic

      also – where do I charge the thing at work?

      Who pays the electric bill at my place of employment to charge the stupid thing?


  3. Phil Zieber
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 13:34:13

    Can there be a clearer example of waste, fraud, ineptitude and abuse?

    It slays me, sometimes, that the very people we distrust the most (politicians) are the one’s that we allow to grab so much power.

    This is just a microcosm of the Socialist Utopia we’re inviting with an ever increasing government.


  4. Sherry
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 15:38:53

    I like Ford. They didn’t want any hand-outs and they are far from hurting. At least they don’t have the guvment telling them the kind of cars to make. Now if we can get them off their backs concerning costly regulations… (no reason to be buying a car that costs the same as half a modest house!).


  5. Kim
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 16:06:43

    Debbie wasserhernam shitz was bragging about how her boy obama single handedly saved the car industry by bailing out GM



  6. Kim
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 12:46:40

    Sunday, January 22, 2012
    LSM / BO Team Must Be Panicked After Newt Win in SC
    The LSM and BO team must be horrified and scared right now. Very horrified. Very scared. (Is it bad that this thought makes me smile?)

    So the LSM rolls out this interview with Newt’s second wife (he’s on three now, for those keeping count), and they roll it out amid a flurry of releases trying to make it sound like they were so torn about what on earth would be the “responsible” thing to do with this earth-shattering, election-turning news (well, to be fair, it was the latter . . . just not as they’d planned and hoped).

    We all know what they were doing, including with the supposed concerns about airing the interview so close to the SC election. They wanted Newt out, and they wanted to make themselves appear to be concerned about the ethics of personal attacks on a conservative candidate (like that bothered them while they were flaying Sarah Palin or destroying Herman Cain). That was the goal of the whole thing; why even interview his ex-wife, after all the interviews she’s already given, there was little “new” in there, after all. They thought they understood those RAAAAACIST, gun-clinging, Bible-thumping rednecks in the republican party; they thought they had just the thing to make conservatives not vote for Newt. (Rather reminds me of their small-minded attacks on Herman Cain.)

    So they dropped this “bomb” on Newt, then stood back to enjoy the fall-out that they expected (nothing short of Newt failing so abysmally in SC that he’d withdraw from the race, though I’m sure a couple hoped he’d just quit on the spot).

    Except this happened instead:

    And everyone, even non-Newt fans (like me), stood up and cheered. And cheered.

    Then Newt won South Carolina. Okay, he didn’t just “win” it, he really really won (claiming all voting demographics, etc.), including among evangelicals. This last must have floored the LSM and BO team (not sure why I write about them as if they’re separate, the LSM is on Team BO).

    The LSM and the (rest of the) BO team just don’t understand, can’t possibly understand, what is going on in this country. They don’t understand that the spirit of America is not only alive and well but chomping at the bit to take our country back. They don’t get the outrage at all that has happened, all that they’ve done. They still seem to believe that this is 2008, or maybe 2006 when they could say anything, do anything, lie about anything, and the American people shrugged sleepily and nodded back into their slumber.


    • Sherry
      Jan 22, 2012 @ 13:08:46

      😆 😆 😆
      Go Newt~


      • Kim
        Jan 22, 2012 @ 13:40:09

        How freakin scary is it to be cheering on Gingrich?

      • Sherry
        Jan 22, 2012 @ 14:43:40

        I know. But especially if one is a Romney rooter. Me, I’m hanging in there with Santorum. He’s stronger on abortion and illegal immigration than Newt, imo. He knows his stuff about jihad/sharia and such, too, but Gingrich is as strong as he is on it. It bothers me that a vote for Santorum is a vote for Romney-i.e., it takes one vote away from Gingrich.

  7. Kim
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 14:48:24

    Sadly we aren’t going to be voting on character – rather we will be voting against morals and ethics.

    We need a pit-bull right now and Newt has the cajones to do what we need done.

    He is not my first choice – or second third or fourth


    • Sherry
      Jan 22, 2012 @ 14:55:01

      True that. Santorum had the cajones to tell Newt off about stepping out of the race and to remind him that he lost twice to him. I suppose if we added up the total percent of votes cast so far Newt would probably be ahead.


  8. Kim
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 16:41:59


  9. Sherry
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 19:49:53

    It’s fitting President Obama shut down Main Street USA to give his speech at Disney World. He’s been shutting down Main Streets all over the country, from day one. And he’ll continue to do it if he is re-elected. Disney went back to normal after Barack Obama left, but our country will take much longer to recover. We need to start that recovery on Jan. 20, 2013. To borrow a phrase from the president, “We can’t wait.”


  10. Sherry
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 10:06:37


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