I think this man on the ticket will be our way out of the morass we are in today


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  1. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 17:23:07

    Florida Republican Rep. Allen West may be the Republican candidate for vice president in 2012.

    Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said at a Republican Palm Beach County fundraiser that if he won the Republican presidential nomination, he would strongly consider a Floridian as his running mate.

    “Allen West would certainly be someone you’d look at,” Gingrich told NBC affiliate WPTV.

    West responded, “We don’t know what the future holds, but I’m always willing to serve my country.”



  2. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 17:35:18

    Now, in the below, the boldfaced, number points are Pethokoukis’ digests, not actual quotes from the memo. The plain text below each bold title are the quotes supporting it.

    1. The stimulus was about implementing the Obama agenda.

    The short-run economic imperative was to identify as many campaign promises or high priority items that would spend out quickly and be inherently temporary. … The stimulus package is a key tool for advancing clean energy goals and fulfilling a number of campaign commitments.

    2. Team Obama knows these deficits are dangerous (although it has offered no long-term plan to deal with them).

    Closing the gap between what the campaign proposed and the estimates of the campaign offsets would require scaling back proposals by about $100 billion annually or adding new offsets totaling the same. Even this, however, would leave an average deficit over the next decade that would be worse than any post-World War II decade. This would be entirely unsustainable and could cause serious economic problems in the both the short run and the long run.

    3. Obamanomics was pricier than advertised.

    Your campaign proposals add about $100 billion per year to the deficit largely because rescoring indicates that some of your revenue raisers do not raise as much as the campaign assumed and some of your proposals cost more than the campaign assumed. … Treasury estimates that repealing the tax cuts above $250,000 would raise about $40 billion less than the campaign assumed. … The health plan is about $10 billion more costly than the campaign estimated and the health savings are about $25 billion lower than the campaign estimated.



  3. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 17:36:22

    In one of the strongest condemnations of the proposed Ground Zero Victory Mosque, Newt Gingrich was not afraid to say in public what most Americans were thinking about the latest attempted attack by Muslims on lower Manhattan.



  4. Sherry
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 17:36:41

    Almost a year ago Gingrich mentioned making Allen West his VP, then in November he mentioned it again but added his consideration of Rubio. West has had some to time to mull this over so I hope he says “yes” before the Florida primary.


  5. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 17:55:24

    The LSM and BO team must be horrified and scared right now. Very horrified. Very scared. (Is it bad that this thought makes me smile?)

    So the LSM rolls out this interview with Newt’s second wife (he’s on three now, for those keeping count), and they roll it out amid a flurry of releases trying to make it sound like they were so torn about what on earth would be the “responsible” thing to do with this earth-shattering, election-turning news (well, to be fair, it was the latter . . . just not as they’d planned and hoped).



  6. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 18:04:36


  7. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 18:18:35

    Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has recorded a video message bluntly stating that the Obama administration has a habit of advancing policies that violate the U.S. Constitution.

    “But I am afraid the administration is on the wrong side of the Constitution again,” Dolan said in the video.



  8. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 18:23:07

    “Influenced by these Tea Party voices, Republicans forced us to waste months on routine legislation that nearly shut down our government and held hostage the full faith and credit of the United States,” said Reid referring to the bitter debt-ceiling fight that consumed much of last summer.

    Reid went on to say he hoped that this year Republicans would desist from turning the mundane elements of governing into battles that threaten to shut down the government.

    “I remind my Republican colleagues that not every discussion, every matter that we deal with should collapse into a fight,” he said. “We don’t have to fight about everything.”



  9. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 18:27:03

    liar liar pants on fire


    White House press secretary Jay Carney pushed back against Mitt Romney’s campaign stump accusation that President Obama wanted to put free enterprise on trial.

    “This president’s absolute faith and commitment to the free enterprise system is profound,” Carney told reporters during his daily briefing. Carney went on to note that the president has cut business taxes for small businesses more than a dozen times, and has instituted a program to roll back regulations that are outdated or burdensome.

    Carney said the president is committed to economic fairness, however. ”Our tax system needs to be fixed so that billionaires don’t pay a lower rate than working class and middle class Americans,” he said.


  10. Sherry
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 18:36:14


    I just got a heads up on this one~

    “The president is the sovereign ruler of this country,” Toady asserted. “Where he goes and what he does is solely at his discretion. He does not have to answer to the demands of lower ranking authorities. He has what is called ‘sovereign immunity.’”

    “On top of this, there is the simple lack of time in the president’s busy schedule,” Toady added. “The president isn’t like ordinary people. He doesn’t have a free moment to spare. Every waking hour is already allocated to activities of higher priority. Satisfying some plaintiff’s curiosity as to whether he is qualified as a ‘natural born citizen’ is an unwarranted intrusion on this man’s privacy and tries his patience.”

    ~bold mine~ 😕 Soooo….what treasonous act are we hiding, O?


  11. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 18:51:26

    excerpt:As Mitt Romney puts the South Carolina primary in his rear-view mirror and hits the accelerator in a bid to win Florida, he may discover himself crashing headlong into the bitter legacy of Charlie Crist, the former Florida governor who defected from the GOP and was soundly defeated for the U.S. Senate by Marco Rubio.

    Romney’s “Charlie Crist” problem is this: Romney’s chief campaign strategist and several of his most senior campaign staff were Crist’s top political advisers — the same ones who crafted Crist’s moderate, ignore-the-tea-party strategy epitomized in Crist’s famous “hug” of President Barack Obama. That strategy led Crist, once the most popular Republican governor in the nation, to defeat.

    Crist’s erstwhile political team was led by controversial GOP strategist Stuart Stevens. Stevens and partner Russ Schriefer are the principals in the high-profile Stevens & Schriefer Group consultant firm and are playing the lead role in crafting Romney’s primary and national campaign strategy.

    Read more on Newsmax.com: Romney Campaign Run by Charlie Crist’s Political Aides
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!
    Romney Campaign Run by Charlie Crist’s Political Aides


  12. Kim
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 19:21:22

    Video of today on C-Span with Allen West, Star Parker and the rest of the wonderful patriots standing up to awaken the black community!
    (Click “Conservative Black Forum with Rep. Allen West (R-FL)” on the right hand side under “Video Playlist” to watch wonderful black leaders starting discussions on how to awaken the black community to the truth. Pray this is the 1st of many meetings and that they will be able to help wake our black Brothers and Sisters.)
    You can see it here….
    Rep. Allen West (R-FL) Hosts Conservative Black Forum | C-SPAN
    Florida Republican Allen West brings black officials and community leaders from around the country to Capitol Hill for discussions on issues regarding unemployment in the black community, conservative values, and social disparity in urban communities.


  13. Sherry
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 10:48:25

    Romney: …”Did you notice in Lebanon, what Hezbollah did? Lebanon became a democracy some time ago and while their government was getting underway, Hezbollah went into southern Lebanon and provided health clinics to some of the people there, and schools. And they built their support there by having done so. That kind of diplomacy is something that would help America become stronger around the world and help people understand that our interest is an interest towards modernity and goodness and freedom for all people in the world. And so, I want to see America carry out that kind of health diplomacy…”

    {groan} This man must NOT be our next president…you can tell he is saying what he thinks his audience wants to hear.


    • Kim
      Jan 24, 2012 @ 11:42:39

      He is pandering to his audience. He needs to have his crew do more research on these topics before blurting things out on record. We the People are far more educated on these things than these fools know.


  14. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:09:05

    We’ve all heard the story “The boy who cried wolf” about the boy who falsely cried out so often that when the wolf finally appeared none of the townsfolk came to his assistance because they assumed he was once again lying. The same thing has been happening in the United States with the charge of racism



  15. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:10:16

    A peaceful religious tradition was disrupted today as the pro-abortion version of Occupy Washington attempted to surround and overwhelm a group of prayerful pro-life advocates in front of the Supreme Court.



    • Kim
      Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:11:51

      snipped comment

      #3 January 24, 2012 at 11:31 am
      Taqiyyotomist commented:

      Many of the pro-life youth attempted to engage the opponents in productive dialogue, but few would stop yelling long enough to speak with these courageous young people.

      Aren’t progressives supposed to be “tolerant”?



      Nope. Progressives are fascists. Absolutely no tolerance of dissenting opinion, to the point where anything is permissible in shutting down opposing speech. Shout them down. Steal newspapers which contain opposing views. Steal yard-signs. Bite fingers off. Severely beat people who work for Republicans. Vandalize cars with “incorrect” thoughts on bumper stickers.

      Progressive Rule #1: Shut down dissent “…by any means necessary.”

      Brownshirt “progressives” are bringing Nazi-like hell to this nation, and it will only get worse.


  16. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:14:13

    Obama scores a two-for-one, he gives his far-left “green” base their pound of flesh and lines the pockets of one of his most valuable supporters.



  17. Sherry
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:19:33


    LIAR~Hank Johnson: “Fast & Furious-Fake Controversy Manufactured By NRA Members & T-Party”


    • Kim
      Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:34:31

      It is a scam aimed at removing guns from law abiding citizens and it has blown up in their faces.

      I will say it again – We the People are not as ignorant as they need us to be to allow this bullshit to continue.


  18. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:22:24

    It’s all part of the plan. Obama’s Whiny Supporters have already spent the better part of four months on a nonstop crime spree across the country, and when their man loses in November they’ll really be out of control. In fact, it’ll probably start before then. The Democrats and union thugs will gleefully agitate them into rioting at the Republican Convention, in all likelihood.



  19. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:26:37

    “We are all aware that Al Shabaab for a long time prohibited women from wearing bras. The phenomenon that is emerging now is that Al-Shabaab is using these women who are in their ranks and supplying them with bras that are fitted with explosives and this is something that is critical even to homeland security,” he explained.



  20. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:30:15

    Tossing political barbs at Supreme Court justices during a nationally televised speech is one thing. It’s something else entirely for a sitting president to point a justly accusing finger at the Senate majority leader who will be seated nearby. This is especially the case when both men are Democrats and despite the fact that today marks the 1,000th day since the Senate Democratic majority he leads approved a federal budget.



  21. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:36:06

    “The president is in full campaign mode and will use the address as an opportunity to bash his political opponents.”



  22. Sherry
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:38:16

    Oh for crying out loud~


    Islamic jihadists claim they set Nevada forest fires


  23. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:42:12


  24. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:49:26

    read what this truck driver and former Obama supporter had to say yesterday on the Rush Limbaugh show:

    The tipping point for me was Newt Gingrich, what he said a few days ago, something I would have really been very angry with and almost insulted by. He said that Obama’s decision regarding this pipeline was stunningly stupid. And I could not disagree with that, because this pipeline, in addition to the fact that it’s automatically gonna bring a lot of jobs, without a doubt help the economy, it’s gonna have an immediate impact on the price of things. Impact on the price of gas, which in my industry is enormous. People don’t understand how the price of fuel affects everything that they pay for, from food to any good that they get. But the bottom line is that this man, because of what I can clearly see as politics to support these environmental people, he is willing to destroy this country, destroy the economy, it’s a no-brainer in terms of getting away from dependence on the foreigners, foreign oil. And I just cannot in good conscience continue to hurt my family in the amount that I’m paying for fuel, groceries, and everything else. I cannot in good conscience support this man when this is obviously political because it would have helped this country and the economy. So I want to say that I’m finally seeing the light and I’m done with him.



    • Sherry
      Jan 24, 2012 @ 13:54:37

      This morning FOXNews showed a map of underground pipelines that we already have across America. The environment would have been impacted very little. And, he decides this within 23 days, iirc, when he was given 60 then turns around and blames the Repubs. Obama is making a mockery of his own party!~


  25. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 14:16:05

    Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace
    “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless
    to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

    2012.01.24 (Baghdad, Iraq) – Muslim bombers target a group of day laborers in line for jobs, taking apart at least eight.
    2012.01.24 (Baghdad, Iraq) – Two Iraqis bleed to death after terrorists detonate a bomb in a commercial district.
    2012.01.22 (Yala, Thailand) – Two Thais die in a shooting attack by Islamic terrorists.
    2012.01.22 (Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria) – Militant Muslims hurl grenades into Christian homes, killing some as they slept and then shooting others as they tried to escape.
    2012.01.21 (Rada, Yemen) – Three residents are left dead following an al-Qaeda rocket and machine-gun attack on the home of a local healer.
    2012.01.21 (Pattani, Thailand) – A widow is shot in the head by Islamic ‘insurgents’ while visiting her husband’s grave.


  26. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 14:23:38

    The 43-year-old officer was sacked from Thames Valley Police after being disciplined for repeatedly threatening witnesses who had lodged complaints against him.
    He had also phoned a 14-year-old girl witness in a case he was dealing with and asking her to go on a date him.
    Judge Francis Sheriden jailed paedophile policeman Mohammed Younas after hearing how he raped a girl who was just seven years old and continued to abuse her for eight years.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2090234/Mohammed-Younas-Former-police-officer-raped-girl-7-jailed-18-years.html#ixzz1kPQyy1My


  27. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 14:29:54

    The response was as fierce as it was unexpected. The next day protesters rallied outside the UN building, carrying placards that read ”Ban UN” and ”Islam is not a toy” and threatened to ”Flog Pillay”. A website later promised to ”slaughter anyone against Islam”.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/female-circumcision-fear-as-fundamentalists-roll-back-womens-rights-20120124-1qflv.html#ixzz1kPSZtZcs



  28. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 16:57:23

    WSI: It does give one pause, does it not? Why those two entities – which are in fact simply different appendages from a shared entity…why…or how, the IMF and World Bank dwarf those symbols of the American Republic. And the proximity upon which they loom just down the road from the cradle of this nation’s democracy. Those buildings represent an entire nation within a nation if you will…and a clear and quite present danger to the unique and critical ideal of a self-sustaining Unites States. An ideal that has been systematically bargained away and given over to the vultures of globalism.



  29. Kim
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 17:21:13

    Today marks the 1,000 th day that the Democratic Senate has not passed a budget. The Republican House has passed 30 Jobs and Budget bills and sent them to the Senate, where Harry Reid has ignored them, refusing to let the Senate even debate them and vote on them. Just who exactly is the “Do Nothing” portion of Congress?



  30. Sherry
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 11:39:38


    There’s a video of his full speech at this link. Hattip to Jester’s Mace.


  31. Kim
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 12:17:12

    Thanks for the link – check out my post on Ineptocracy


  32. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 12:46:12

    LTC Allen West does not have to backtrack on comments when deliberately misquoted for headlines.



  33. Sherry
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 00:05:08


    Pencil-Pushing weasel Patrick Murphy calls Allen West a ‘coward’


  34. Kim
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 07:54:03

    say that to his face

    i dare you


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