Islamonausea “I don’t have islamophobia, I have islamoNausea, I’m sick of them all.”

Natural reaction

As in many other nauseating situations, Islamonausea is a normal and natural reaction to something abnormal, not vice versa.

The nausea reflex is innate, and it is biologically natural and healthy to experience emotional and bodily discomfort with anything that is unpleasant, unhealthy or harmful.


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  1. Kim
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 17:00:36

    There is nothing phobic or racist in feeling nausea when hearing about the Islamic massacres performed by Muhammad and his many devout copycats through history and all over the world today. The same goes for Muhammad’s sexual relationship with a nine-year old girl, and the cutting off of limbs and stonings in the name of Allah and his Sharia laws.

    Thinking of Muslims’ epidemic practice of forced inbreeding (which damages intelligence and increases the risk of psychiatric diseases) — often many generations in a row — one may also experience unpleasant feelings in the abdomen. There is also no shame in feeling nausea when hearing about the extreme social control, violence and murderous examples made to keep and scare hundreds of millions of their women from enjoying their human rights to chose their own sexual partners, clothing and lifestyle.

    The many calls for hatred, violence and killing of non-Muslims commanded by the faultless Koran are outright disgusting. Imagining the pinnacle of evolution being a planet-sized Islamic caliphate is not only a complete embarrassment to the human race; it may also make one lose one’s appetite.


  2. Sherry
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 17:12:43

    Islamonausea deserves its own article on Wikipedia. Help get Islamonausea into our dictionaries by using the word on blogs, in articles and in Letters to the Editor, and in everyday speech.


  3. Kim
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 17:21:11

    I made a post because of that statement


    • Sherry
      Jan 30, 2012 @ 17:53:01

      Its fitting~

      Are you listening to Radio Jihad? Good show. But, I am getting sick of it all. I just read a news article about how very few Muslims want sharia. Yeah. Riight. Some professor is writing a book about it. The comment line tells a different story but every now and then someone makes fun of “islamophobes” thinking they are Christian right wing nuts. Clueless.


  4. Kim
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 17:59:13

    It is all part of the way they do things. Lying to infidels is in the script.

    billions of books declaring islam a peaceful religion can be written but it will never be true


  5. Sherry
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 18:00:56


    • Sherry
      Jan 30, 2012 @ 18:02:08

      “Therefore, I believe that the young Muslims who are striving to take advantage of this wide electronic window and fight the perverted ideology or shut down obscene websites and the websites of those who offended and dishonored the people of Islam and put hand on their holy sites like the Zionist aggressors, are using all legitimate means and are indeed leading a jihad provided they don’t exceed the limit of God in their rivalry,” Al Jahni said.


  6. Kim
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 18:12:19

    I saw that yesterday – this is what I mean when I say they are lying to us


  7. Sherry
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 20:12:20


    Burn, Baby, Burn!~


    • Kim
      Jan 31, 2012 @ 08:21:11

      I actually saved that as a favorite a few months ago and use it when I need a lift in my day


    • Kim
      Jan 31, 2012 @ 08:21:57

      Why are we doing this?
      We’re doing this for several reasons:

      To call attention to Radical Muslims who threaten people with death for burning or disrespecting their so-called “Holy Book”.
      To show Radical Muslims that they cannot control people all over the world just because they hold a particular set of beliefs.
      To show Radical Muslims that non-Muslims are NOT bound by any Muslim law, scripture, or rule.


  8. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 08:43:24

    A controversy is brewing over three reputable Christian organizations, which are based in North America, whose efforts have ousted the words “Father” and “Son” from new Bibles. Wycliffe Bible Translators, Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and Frontiers are under fire for “producing Bibles that remove “Father,” “Son” and “Son of God” because these terms are offensive to Muslims.”

    Concerned Christian missionaries, Bible translators, pastors, and national church leaders have come together with a public petition to stop these organizations. They claim a public petition is their last recourse because meetings with these organizations’ leaders, staff resignations over this issue and criticism and appeals from native national Christians concerned about the translations “have failed to persuade these agencies to retain “Father” and “Son” in the text of all their translations.”


  9. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 09:24:02

    Here is a piece from an Atlas reader who had extensive contacts with Muslims in the 1990s. He wanted to publish it under his own name, but in light of the sensitive nature of the subject, I thought it best to keep his name private.

    It is illuminating of Muslim attitudes and assumptions in New York City in the 1990s — attitudes and assumptions that are likely to be only more, not less, prevalent today


  10. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 09:25:05

    Hitler, Pakistan’s Hero

    There was a group of us gathered in the living room, and Mustafa, a young but successful contractor, began to enthuse about how great and brilliant Hitler was, not only as a leader but as an economist. I couldn’t believe my ears as he illustrated Hitler’s economic brilliance with the following: “Hitler was so smart with money that he would line five Jews in a single-file row and waste only one bullet on them!” This from a guy who I personally watched greet and talk with the Jewish family next door in a friendly and neighborly manner! He went on to explain, “The Jews had gotten rich in Germany, but when it came time for them to support Germany in her struggles and wars, the Jews refused and greedily hid their money. This was why Hitler turned against them! They deserved what they got!”

    I asked Mustafa if this was what they taught him in school in Pakistan. He said, “Of course! Hitler is a big hero in Pakistan! In our class, we had a big poster of him, alongside one of Ayatollah Khomeini.” “Why Ayatollah Khomeini” I asked, surprised. “He also was a great man. There was so much corruption in Iran until he came along! If only Pakistan could have an Ayatollah!” All agreed … except me, of course.


  11. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 10:00:45

    Ten Questions for the Muslim Next Door
    By Robert on December 7, 2008 4:58 PM | 29 Comments

    While purporting to clear away “misconceptions” about Islam, Sumbul Ali-Karamali adds some more. Reform or deception? You be the judge. “Ten Questions for the Muslim Next Door,” by Kamala at Revuse, December 5:

    The November/December 2008 issue of Stanford University’s alumni magazine features a story about Stanford grad and author Sumbul Ali-Karamali. She has just published her first book, a guide to Islam that she wrote in part because bookstores only carried “dry textbooks,” “the occasional slim volume of Sufi poetry,” and—after 9/11—”tomes on terrorism and the ‘clash of civilizations.'”

    Her book, The Muslim Next Door: The Qur’an, the Media, and that Veil thing, is in part an effort to avert a “clash of ignorances” because the “Western perception of Islam has become an evil caricature of reality.” As she writes, “moderate Muslims try to chip away a great wall of media misinformation.”


  12. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 10:04:47

    Join The Discussion

    This is a satirical website. None of what you read here has anything to do with Islam, because Islam is a Religion of Peace. Everybody knows that good Muslims never do the things they do, (because Allah does it for them, Quran 8:12) and we know that only our misperceptions, ignorance and stereotyping of Islam makes Muslims chop off heads, kill and rape women and children, bomb subways, buses, nightclubs and fly jets into buildings. If it wasn’t for the media and da Jooozzz, we wouldn’t even know its happening.

    We welcome open, honest, thoughtful, and vigorous discussion in the comments threads, so do yourself a favour and don’t accuse us of being ‘haters’ because we are loving, tolerant people. Don’t curse us, don’t threaten us with death or hellfire, and don’t accuse us of being “just like the terrorists” because we don’t do to Muslims what they do to us or to themselves. Yes, we know that only idiots oppose Islam and sensible people submit, but you should know that we are ignorant bigots, hypocrites and Islamophobes, and we prefer to remain that way…

    But since you are forcing yourselves (and your abhorrent belief-system on us) we will defend ourselves, because we must. Avoid tu quoque and ad hominem attacks. Don’t bother with circular reasoning either, we been there, done it. If you annoy us, you will be banned and your posts summarily deleted.

    Try to add to the discussion, don’t try to sell snake oil, don’t try to cover us with Islamic shrouds of kitman and taqiyya, don’t bother with da’awa, (we’ve heard it before) don’t spam us with long pieces of cut & paste, write in English, try to tell the truth, (we know that’s hard for you because you are all pathological liars) but the truth will set you free, try it!

    One more thing: don’t think you can post here under multiple monikers. You will quickly be disappeared! The same goes for trufers and conspiracy kooks: you get one chance, one time. Blow it out of your ass if you must; put your stupidity on display.

    But you won’t be back, trust me on that.

    Take a deep breath before you post, try to make some sense, do not just vent, do not make a fool of yourself and if you prove us wrong you can earn 10 Islamic dollars for your piggy bank. Deal?


  13. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 10:16:13

    Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace
    “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless
    to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

    2012.01.30 (Potiskum, Nigeria) – A guard at a church is picked off by Islamist snipers.
    2012.01.30 (Peshawar, Pakistan) – A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four people at a housing construction site.
    2012.01.29 (Kano, Nigeria) – At least two civilians are left dead following a Boko Haram bombing attack.
    2012.01.28 (Gulberg, Pakistan) – A 59-year-old Shiite doctor is shot to death in a targeted sectarian attack.
    2012.01.28 (Kumturkalinsky, Dagestan) – A police officer is assassinated outside his home by religious extremists.
    2012.01.28 (Garma, Iraq) – al-Qaeda murder a woman and her daughter in their home.


  14. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 10:29:47

    U.S. intelligence agencies believe that Iran is prepared to launch terrorist attacks inside the United States in response to perceived threats from America and its allies, the U.S. spy chief said Tuesday.

    Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in prepared testimony that an alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington that was uncovered last year reflects an aggressive new willingness within the upper ranks of the Islamist republic to authorize attacks against the United States.

    That plot “shows that some Iranian officials — probably including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei — have changed their calculus and are now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime,” Clapper said in the testimony, which was submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee in advance of a threat assessment hearing Tuesday. “We are also concerned about Iranian plotting against U.S. or allied interests overseas.”


    • Kim
      Jan 31, 2012 @ 10:31:06

      Iran knows this, and if they acted in a rational manner, they would not dare to invite such a devastating war on their country. The problem for us is that Iran’s policy is neither rational or irrational, but non-rational. The theocratic clique running the show are true believers in the Twelfth Imam and the need for a conflagration to produce him, and the promised result of Islamic rule throughout the world. Starting a war with the US won’t bother them as they believe that (a) the Muslim world will find itself in such a conflict anyway, and/or (b) they can hasten the arrival of the mahdi by kicking one off. If they see their position threatened in Iran, they may even accelerate those plans before they lose the chance to put them into action.


  15. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 14:08:35

    Following are excerpts from a religious program presented by Egyptian cleric Sheik Abdallah Kamal, which aired on Safa TV on January 9, 2012:


  16. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 14:32:22


  17. Kim
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 10:41:22


    The dhimmedia’s whitewashing of honor killing Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 8.38.21 PM

    Exclusive: Pamela Geller takes on journalists reporting on Muslim family murderers

    Last Sunday, a landmark case in Canada came to its conclusion: Mohammad Shafia, his wife Tooba Yahya and their son Hamed Shafia were all found guilty of the Islamic honor killings of Hamed’s three teenage sisters and the polygamous Mohammad Shafia’s other wife. The verdict came despite the mainstream media’s best efforts to whitewash and cover up the motive for this mass honor killing.

    Shariah did not prevail; justice was served. Yet the media’s malevolent enthusiasm to self-enforce the blasphemy laws under the Shariah (“do not offend Islam”) has extinguished whatever humanity they might have had. Islamic gendercide is epidemic in Muslim countries and an increasing problem in the West as Muslim populations grow. Muslims are responsible for 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. Islamic law stipulates no penalty for a parent who kills his child.


  18. Kim
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 10:50:01

    La-Fleur Mohamed (La-Fleur? Oh, give me a break), a Muslim for the past 12 years, says a Chevron employee humiliated her by barring her from a gas station because she wouldn’t remove her headbag.

    Email your support to Chevron here: CONTACT CHEVRON

    SUN SENTINEL(H/T Robin H) ”You can’t come in here dressed like that,” Mohamed said the clerk told her inside a station store west of Boca Raton in October. The clerk allegedly tossed Mohamed’s gas money back at her and instructed her to leave. (Give that clerk a raise)


  19. ecks why
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 11:36:33

    Informed rational freedom loving people have all the reasons in the world to fear islam. The twin fogs of political correctness & ignorance must be dispersed before western society better understands this menace. Even a brief review of islamic theology & history quickly exposes the deadly roots of this evil ideology.

    Mohamhead was a 7th century murdering warlord who rose to power on a river of blood surrounded by thugs and gangsters using intimidation, violence, deception and trickery to expand their criminal empire while mercilessly suppressing and killing their opponents and enriching themselves on stolen booty.

    The evil koran is a collection of sayings and speeches by this diabolical madman claiming divine guidance from some mythical sky-god which has inspired generations of crazed fanatics to abhorrent behavior resulting in historys worst ever crimes against humanity starting 1400 years ago and still continuing even today.

    Islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

    and a snappy graphics version, great for emailing…


  20. Laura
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 04:46:22

    Islamic Jihad massacres, as hate crimes en-masse

    Every Islamic terror act, anywhere, is a clear cut case of intolerance. It is always against the “other.”

    True, by Islamic Jihad any infidel targets are fair-game. It’s just that some groups are easier targets than others, as “justification” are aided by propaganda, often backed by some radical liberals in the West. Such are many Muslim aggressors posing as “victims.” For instance, those Arab immigrants’ grandchildren, invaders in Jews’ Israel/Palestine who go by the title “Palestinians,” while some in the West really buy the notion that these mass-murderers (who hide behind civilians, to bring about casualties, to be used as trophies) are just about “Palestine-Arab-State,” ignoring or unaware of their real ethnic cleansing aims from the entire Holy Land.

    Ethno-religious hatred classics:

    Arab supremacy –derived from Koran, Koranic spirit and themes– especially resulting in enslaving Africans and Asians in the Arab world (often having the “inferior” non-Arabs as ‘sex-slaves’ as well) and the genocide in the Sudan (of already 3.5 million, since the 1950s) by a classic combination of Arab racism and Islamic Jihad. The same diabolical combination that “founded” (in the 1920s) the Arab Vs Israel “conflict,” by infamous Mufti who collaborated with the ultimate ‘racists’ – the WW2 Hitler/Nazis. Ever since, the ‘holy war’ against the Jews in the land has always been under the dual slogan of Allah Akbar and Itbach al-Yahud (AKA genocide). Leaving also behind, an inspired legacy of decades (and current) of ugly Nazi style cartoons in the hateful Arab press.

    The Armenian Genocide 1915-23, was both: Turkish ethnic supremacy and an overall holy war against Christians. The same goes to Turkish anti-Greek and anti-Assyrian genocide. Totaling a combined 2.7 million Christian victims.

    Ethno-Religious Moro-Muslims VS Philippines’ natives.

    Ethno-Religious Malay-Muslims VS Thai natives.

    Ethno-Religious Islamic-Hausa-Fulani VS Igbo Christians in Biafra Nigeria – 1960s-70s (3 million dead).
    Current (2011-13) Boko Haram Islamic mass-murder campaign in that country, deepens the Ethno-Religious divide.

    Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Black-Muslim supremacy’s anti-White racism is deeply woven with radical Islamic vision. So were its linked Zebra murders in the 1970s and the Beltway snipers shootings in 2002.

    Ethno-Religious “pure-Muslim” Pakistani VS Bangladeshi (regarded as the impure) genocide – 1971 (3 million dead).

    Ethno-Religious “Palestinian” and Lebanese Muslims VS Christian Natives Maronites in Lebanon. 1970s-2000.

    Iran-Iraq war – 1980s (a million victims – at least). Racism (Arab supremacy vs Aryan-Iranians) and “we are the true Muslims” motivation, on both sides.

    Pakistani Sunnis and Shiites VS Ethno-Religious Ahmadis, resulting in mass violence. So is rampant anti-Ahmadi bigotry among “Palestinian” Arabs.

    Ethno-Religious Muslim-Uighur VS Han native Chinese. Terror attacks (not just against government but against ordinary Chinese too) recorded.

    Ethno-Religious Indonesian Muslims VS Chinese (1999 mass rape and murder) and VS native Catholics in E. Timor (200,000 victims).

    One of the ardent supporters and admirers of Osama bin Laden, who celebrated 9/11 massacre, the pan-Arab, pan-Islamic AEL (Arab European League) founded by Arab Lebanese, former Hezbollah D. A. Jahjah, has been accused of inciting racism and violence in Belgium.

    Ever since the bloody ‘Islamic theme of al-Aqsa’ intifada erupted (2000), Jews in Europe have been even an easier target to Islamic anti-Semitism, physical attacks and attempted ethnic cleansing. Such as by Arab/African Muslims in France; by Turkish/Iranian Muslims in Germany; by Arab-Muslims in the Benelux, Sweden and Norway. The kidnappers and torturers to death of Ilan Halimi to the sound of reciting the Koran (Paris, 2006) –for instance– were inspired by Hamas literature.
    The (2012) Toulouse school massacre by Mohamed Merah of the Islamic hate group ‘Forsane Alizza,’ (NYT reported Jan/23/12, that its site was laced with hate posting, it typically claimed to be “fighting Islamophobia,” and the DailyTelegraph reported Mar/23/12, that in Jan/12, “Forsane Alizza was banned in France for inciting racial hatred,”) made sure to mention those “Palestinians.”
    Likewise, Arabs in Latin America, have been targeting Jews.

    The Pakistani Jihadi Lashkar-e-Taiba (“Army of the Pure”) in Mumbai (2008), aided by the ISI (Pakistan Spy Agency) specifically targeted Whites, and even more so the Jews.

    Ethno-Religious Arab-Muslims VS native Coptic-Christians in Egypt, hate crimes still going on…

    Ethno-Religious (mostly separated by origin/ethnicity as well) Shiite VS Sunnis, and vice versa in Iraq (Zarqawi argued that ‘Shia were more dangerous than the “Zionists and Crusaders,”‘ Egyptian Cleric said -Mar/09- “Shiites are worse than Jews,”) and in Pakistan.
    Sunni Vs Alawites, Syria (al-Qaeda cleric’s Fatwa -Jul/12- calls Alawites, “greater infidels than the Christians and Jews”).
    Bloodshed going on, full force.
    A study about 2011 worldwide terror attacks -for example- found 70% of the (over 12,000) killings were perpetrated by Sunni Muslims. That includes: al-Qaeda, Taliban, and others.

    Last point but not least: most “conflicts” and bloodshed around the globe today ARE correlated to Islamism.


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