I don’t know about ya’ll but …

… I can only feel that it is about time!! Justice is coming, Caylee … soon

WESH’s Bob Kealing reported, “In a newly released deposition from November, Buchanan admitted she made changes to a Texas EquuSearch form she was not supposed to have.” And she told defense attorney Cheney Mason that she had not searched the area where the toddler’s body was later found, Kealing added.


Oh Brad

Does anyone know if this kind of CRAP goes on in every murder case because if it does we as a species could be doomed …. doomed I say


Doc dump Jan 28

Prosecutors said they will release three DVDs of information, including audio and video of interviews with some EquuSearch volunteers.
There will also be information on the internal investigation into corrections officer Silvia Hernandez. Hernandez helped Casey communicate with inmate pen pal, Robyn Adams.


Three discs of information …

Three discs of info will be released by the state on Friday, Jan 28.
“The discs contain interviews with those who were involved in the investigation into Anthony’s secret notes and letters to inmate Robyn Adams at the Orange County Jail. Other material concerns Texas EquuSearch.”


Updating my updated update .. for those who care

I had my MRI yesterday. I NEVER want to do that again! I now know what toothpaste feels like …
As far as the result, my pre op is February 4th so unless there is something severely wrong I won’t here until then. Since I know there is nothing else I can wait a week. If there is something, by some chance, my surgery will be postponed and I don’t want that!!

More more more … but no Lee!

How do you like it .. how do you like it …
… more ,, more …more ..

The new motion said that that Dr. Henry Lee will not be called as a defense witness at Anthony’s murder trial, which is scheduled to begin in May.


Well, they got more money:
Judge Belvin Perry granted two defense motions in the case against Casey Anthony on Monday that could cost taxpayers up to $17,000.


And the defense turned over some discovery – get a load of this:


Judge Perry is on a roll …

There is a hearing tomorrow, Monday at 4 pm


I like getting good news on Friday …

All of the low down, dirty and nearly slanderous things that the defense team has said about Mr. Roy Kronk can’t be used.

Perry said the defense claimed that Kronk had a “possible history of inappropriate behavior with young girls,” a history of “abusing, restraining, and holding women against their will,” using duct tape to restrain women and even said there is a chance that he knew the locations of the remains before alerting law enforcement.

What jumps out at me here is the word ‘possibly’


No questioning Tim Miller about marking the map – or allowing the knife in

The case against Casey …

So here we have it – the first glimpse of what Casey Anthony will be facing in May.

A tattoo :

“A jury is entitled to view the defendant getting a tattoo as an expression of her preference for her life without Caylee,” the prosecution wrote.

Her sex life:

The prosecution claims that Anthony spent most of the 31 days that Caylee was missing with Lazarro, but only mentioned that her daughter was being cared for by her grandmother or a nanny.





Justice is coming

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